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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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'Fight Club': Secrets of Janus Programming  (continued)

Driven by his consumer cult addiction, he starts attending support group meetings to counteract his anomie. "Losing all hope is freedom," says the Narrator. "I became addicted to groups," he continues, visiting a different 12-step group every night. There he meets a fellow traveler like himself, the chain-smoking spiky-haired Marla (Helena Bonham Carter).

Later on a plane, he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who wears retro-seventies clothes and has a Woody Woodpecker haircut himself. Tyler sneers at him and his meaningless lifestyle, adding "you have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh."

When his apartment is blown up, he moves into Tyler's place. It looks like a crack house, a dilapidated war-zone mansion with cracked ceilings and a flooded basement. "I didn't know if he owned it or if he was squatting," he quips.

Tyler makes liposuction-based soap which he sells to toney boutiques, or as he put it, "we were selling the women their fat asses back to them."

All night, meanwhile, the boys have organized an underground bare knuckle boxing club with other disaffected youth. The Narrator says, "every evening I died and every evening I was born again."

It's S&M Chic with homoerotic undertones. Black and Blue Psycho-Boys beat each other till they drop.

"'In Tyler we trust' was their motto," says the Narrator.

As a mind controlled cult leader with "franchises" in every major city, the skinhead followers prepare for Project Mayhem, a plan to blow-up the infrastructure of American life.

"What's the difference between performance art and sabotage?" is the question. The house itself has become a Death Cult War Room.

According to recovered survivors of mind control, Fight Club is the story of someone who discovers he has so-called Janus-End Times Programming.

The Ed Norton character is a "sleeper," a programmed mind control victim, triggered to perform certain activities of chaos, disruption and murder, AKA Project Mayhem in the film.

"Rule Number One," says the Brad Pitt character in the movie. "Nobody talks about Fight Club." The subtext is simple -- nobody talks about mind control -- especially as a causative agent of "random violence" in America today.

The Brad Pitt role itself is the raging "alter," one of the split-off personalities, which characterizes MPD, renamed DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

According to DSM IV, the psychiatrists' guide to mental disease, DID is characterized by "the presence of two or more distinct personality states that recurrently take control of behavior. There is an inability to recall important personal information, the extent of which is too great to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. The disturbance is not due to the direct physiological effects of substance or a general medical condition."(p.484)

The technology of trauma-based mind control programming has advanced rapidly since Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele conducted research on thousands of twins and other hapless victims in Germany during World War II.

Known as "The Angel of Death," Mengele was one of many military scientists and medical researchers secretly exfiltrated into the US, where they continued to practice their black arts.

"Ed Norton's insomnia represents his 'unknown' activities," says Annie McKenna, in a recent e-mail interview. She is the author of "Paperclip Dolls," a first-hand account of mind control abuse, the atrocities she underwent, and her subsequent therapy and recovery (

McKenna says she was stunned by the accurate portrayal of MPD and mind control programming in the movie.

"I think the most important message [for me] was that the rage alter [represented by Brad Pitt] taking over was not going to happen to me... I found it was very intense message and ending," she continues. "That part where the Ed Norton character realized his insomnia was actually because he was being Tyler, instead of sleeping, was so real. I wonder if the author knew how real that was."

"The movie was about Brad Pitt (the rage alter) slowly taking over the formerly dominant personality," writes McKenna. "And look what it related to -- organized armies and destruction. Like New World Order stuff. It was very intense programming that was planned for the year 2000."

McKenna says she doesn't know if this programming is peculiar to Project Monarch victims or if it's Illuminati programming. "I just know I got two messages and I don't know if one is a cover for the other," she continues. "One is self-destruction, but usually accompanied by taking others with us."

"This you have been seeing in the news all over the country, but I'm sure mainstream America would have a hard time seeing that as programmed mind control victims. The second message is a job in the New World Order."

"This was the meaning of Project Monarch," says McKenna, referring to the infamous government mind control project. "Birth to death programming, 'death' being the end of 'me' whoever 'me' was when the programming took over, and new alters took over the conscious self, responding to automatic pilot programming."

"The end is so unsettling because the Norton character tries to commit suicide, part of the year 2000 programming, but he survives. Unfortunately his alter completed the NOW mission he had [blowing up the buildings]. So it was a totally ironic ending," says McKenna.
Ed Norton's character undergoes a PF (Programming Failure). It occurs "when the programming doesn't take, or a person goes psychotic, so you have to put them down" says another former mind control programmer.

Fight Club director David Fincher (Alien 3, Seven and The Game) is obviously gearing up to do the next US Army recruiting commercials. Who else could capture the S&M fantasies of military life? The fascist rituals of shaving hair and institutional brutality have never been so lovingly filmed.

In "Meet Joe Black," Brad Pitt played Death. In "Fight Club," he plays the Antichrist, spewing Satanic Zen lines like, "If our fathers could do what they did [abandoning their children], what does that tell you about God?"

His character, a multipersonality alter, is raging at the mind control atrocities and the perpetrators that created his system.

Interestingly enough, Edward Norton's first big role was in "Primal Fear." He played a psychopathic former altar boy accused of murdering a Chicago archbishop. Richard Gere played the attorney who defended him very successfully.

Fight Club is a movie about mind control. Think Raising Cain on bad acid. Or an ironic hip update of A Clockwork Orange.

It's also a ceremonial psychodrama, intent on the engineering of the mind, as seemingly normal individuals are transformed into mind-controlled robotic assassin-bombers.

Will it trigger other "sleepers" to fulfill their "tasking"? Only time will tell.

But the final explosion, which blows up the Century City skyline of L.A., is like an Illuminati slap in the face.

No matter how many mind control survivors get deprogrammed -- the Illuminati are telling you -- there will always be somebody that comes through and fulfills his or her "project" for the New World Order.

Fight Club lets you peek into a secret world. It ain't pretty, but the next time you hear about a lone nut assassin or a lone nut bomber -- Think Mind Control.

(This review is available in "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with eyes Wide Open" by Uri Dowbenko. For more information, see

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