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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Collateral Damage: The Real Casualty Is the Truth  (continued)

Collateral Damage: The Real Casualty Is the Truth "

All other issues fade in the face of these lies broadcast by the Media
Cartel, hour after hour, day after day, in a relentless barrage of

The looming American Police State, foisted on a self-deceived,
flag-waving population, has resulted in the daily loss of civil liberties and freedom.

The phony "War on Terrorism" and the disingenuously named USA PATRIOT Act have likewise brought the nation to the abyss of fascist empire in America.

The role of movies cannot be underestimated in promoting the current
Big Lies, and "Collateral Damage" is just as noteworthy for its omissions of fact, as it is for the ridiculousness of its premise.

The plot of the movie (such as it is) centers on reliving the trauma of terrorism by watching the self-caricatured persona of Arnold Schwartzenegger, who plays Gordon Brewer, a Los Angeles fireman who loses his wife and son to a terrorist bomb.

There's the angry terrorist-guerilla El Lobo (Cliff Curtis), his
significant other Selena (Francesca Neri), and a hard-boiled CIA man, who proclaims, "I'm fighting terrorism with terror" (Elias Koteas).

Other cameos include a Canadian mechanic who gets no respect (John Turturro) and an aspiring campesino rap artist who manages a cocaine factory in Colombia (John Leguizamo).

In the end, "Collateral Damage" is another Hollywood Revenge Fantasy,
which feels simply dated and totally out of sync.

Directed by Andrew Davis ("The Fugitive," "Above the Law"), "Collateral Damage" is just plain insipid and even tame, considering the Real Life Traumatic Events of September 11.

Of course, there are plenty of cinematic precedents for the "WTC
Incident" and they include such Terrorist Classics as "Die Hard 1 & 2," "Fight Club," "The Siege," "Turbulence" and even "Independence Day."

(Remember the vaporization of buildings by electromagnetic directed energy weapons.)

Interestingly enough, viewers around the world were so programmed by
Hollywood's special effects movies that they didn't even believe that the Twin Towers going down was a "real" event. They thought it was broadcast footage from the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

The deliberately engineered collision of "realities" was meant to do
just that - obscure the difference between "real" events and "reel" memories.

Like the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the WTC Incident
was a Global Event of trauma-based programming, which affected the world like a worldwide Black Magick Ritual, inducing fear, loathing and hatred harvested by the Plutonian powers of Death -- the Plutocracy, the Secret Rulers of the World.

What if the destruction of the World Trade Center really was an
Illuminati-staged theatrical spectacle -- a Staged "Reality"?

Wag the Dog II, anyone?

The "collateral damage" of the September 11 Incident was to further
polarize the globe, to divide, conquer and rule the world by re-energizing religious hatreds - the Crazy Arabs vs. the Crazy Christians in a born-again re-enactment of the murderous Crusades, 21st Century style.

Likewise the real casualty of this latest contrived "war" is the Truth.

You can do your part by telling everyone you know that the
Government-Media Lies have no power. Their Reality Scripts lack credibility, and even the ordinary suspension of belief doesn't help.

A poorly crafted and executed scam, this "WTC Incident" should have been sent back for rewrites. I mean, think about this implausible plot for "Reality" --

"Raghead" pilots driving hijacked planes into a building?

With no NORAD or Pentagon interference?

With no warning from the CIA or FBI?

Puh-leez, as they say in New York...

When you add the fact that there was burnt human sacrifice (the
victims) and a stash of gold in the basement (alchemical transformation), you have all the elements of an Occult Crime, a Black Magick Psycho-Drama on a Global Stage. And don't forget the Ritualistic Scapegoat, Osama bin Oswald, I mean, Laden.

Like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (a well-choreographed trick to involve the US in the Second World War), the "WTC Incident" was a contrived event. The subsequent phony War on Terrorism is just the latest pretense to rob Americans of their Freedom.

So when you hear George Bush say, "In GOD We Trust," remember - he's
talking about "Gold, Oil and Drugs." And when your sons and grandson die in the war for his GOD, he considers them "collateral damage."

Copyright © 2002 Uri Dowbenko. All Rights Reserved.

Uri Dowbenko is the CEO of New Improved Entertainment Corp. He is a frequent contributor to:

Conspiracy Digest (,
Steamshovel Press ( and
Conspiracy Planet (

He can be reached at u.dowbenko (at)

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