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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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Book:Rule by Secrecy (Secret History of the World)  (continued)

Book:Rule by Secrecy (Secret History of the World)

He then assesses current world affairs manipulated by the financial dynasties --the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Rothschilds, as well as their private centralized banking cartel -- the euphemistically-named Federal Reserve Board.

"The concept of conspiracy has long been anathema to most Americans who have been conditioned by the mass media to believe that conspiracies against the public only exist in banana republics or communist nations," writes Marrs.

"This simplistic view, encouraged by a media devoted to maintaining a squeaky clean image of the status quo, fails to take into account human history or the subtleties of the word conspiracy."

Marrs then probes the history of the 20th Century -- the Wars in Vietnam, Korea, World War I and World War II, explaining how Wall Street and City of London bankers have financed not only the Nazi War Machine, but the Russian Revolution and the Rise of Communism as well.

Surprised? Every person indoctrinated by establishment textbooks believes that historical events are the result of accident -- not the carefully laid strategems of men who make money on wars -- men with connections to secret societies and the politics of the occult.

Moving back through the so-called US Civil War, or War Between the States, Marrs reveals the history of secret society agitation, the Anti-Masonic Movement, the French Revolution, Jacobins and Jacobites, and of course, the American Revolution and the interference by the Illuminati and their plots against Liberty and Freedom.

Marrs also tells the story of ancient secret societies like the Knights Templars, Rosicrucians, Assassins, Priory of Sion, the Merovingians and the far reaching web of conspiracy which dominates world history. Going back even further, Marrs relates the history of the Road to Rome, the Cabala, the enigma of the Sumerian civilization, the Annunaki, and the Floods and Wars of primordial earth.

"Rule by Secrecy" is clearly written, thought provoking, and totally entertaining. And it's the best available alternative history of Planet Earth. A former journalist, Jim Marrs is the author of the landmark deconstruction of the JFK Assassination, "Crossfire" (1987), "Alien Agenda" (1997) and "Psi Spies" (2000).

Standing on the shoulders of independent researchers and authors like the late Gary Allen, A. Ralph Epperson, G. Edward Griffin, John Coleman, Jonathan Vankin, Dr. Antony C. Sutton and Eustace Mullins to name a few, Marrs admits that the book he's written is "the kind of book I would have liked to have read fifteen years ago."

"The immense wealth of information on secret societies, most of it written long ago, is filled with names, dates and events that are meaningless to modern readers," writes Marrs. "Therefore judicious editing and space limitations make this study somewhat cursory by necessity. It is my hope that just enough detail has been retained to support this account of secret society activity while still providing ease of reading over a very complex and controversial subject."

Marrs notes, for example, that court hagiographer Niall Ferguson, a 1998 Oxford Fellow, history tutor and author of an extensive Rothschild Family history, is "a self-styled atheist from a Calvinist background who paid no attention whatsoever to the metaphysical aspects of the Rothschild background, their knowledge of Cabalistic tradition, or their connection to Freemasonry and other secret societies."

Is it willful ignorance? Or calculated omission of the facts? By dismissing occult politics in its historical context, many authors miss the mark in their analysis. They miss the hidden interconnections which reveal the power struggles of realpolitik and vouchsafe the reputations of the Ruling Class Criminals.

Media watchdog organizations like the right-wing Accuracy in Media (AIM) are especially suspect, even though they pretend to watch out for the public interest.

"Writer Michael Collins Piper in 1990 made public that AIM founder Reed Irvine was paid $37,000 a year as an 'advisor for the division of international finance of the Federal Reserve System," writes Marrs.

"Noting that many Fed members also belong to the secret societies, Piper wrote, 'To this day, Irvine and AIM never touch on any subject which is sensitive to the interests of the international Establishment: whether it be the Bilderberger group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations or the truth about the privately owned Federal Reserve.'" Marrs also deals with the current trend toward world domination under the guise of globalism or globalization.

"The question of whether or not a plan for one world government is a sinister conspiracy to subjugate the population or simply an attempt to facilitate a natural evolutionary step is a matter still to be decided, apparently with little or no help from the media," writes Marrs .

"But one thing is absolutely clear," he continues. "It is apparent that globalization or one world government or the New World Order is not simply the imaginings of conspiracy theorists or paranoids, but the articulated goal of the secret brotherhoods, organizations and groups, all of which carry the imprint of the old orders of Freemasonry, the Round Tables and the Illuminati..."

"If the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers are simply innocent well-intentioned people working to bring about a peaceful and prosperous world, as they claim, then why all the secrecy?" he asks. "Why all the front organizations, some of which are the antithesis of others? Why do they obviously distrust public attention?" Marrs' conclusion is chilling -- "Which leads to the single most important question: If they do create a centralized one-world government, what's to prevent some Hitler like tyrant from taking control?"

The fingerprints of conspiracy also have taken Marrs to examine the roots of war in the context of secret societies. "American capitalism needed international rivalry -- and periodic war to create an artificial community of interest between rich and poor, supplanting the genuine community of interest among the poor that showed itself in sporadic movements," says history professor Howard Zinn.

Marrs agrees. "World War II was fought to stop fascists in Germany, Italy and Japan who had been created and financed by secret society members in the West. Despite the deadly nature of the war, American and British society members continued to do business with the enemy and then rearranged their reconstruction afterwards. Nowhere was the duplicity more evident than in President Roosevelt's failure to alert American troops at Pearl Harbor of the impending Japanese attack brought on by his own containment policies."

"Rule By Secrecy" is a fascinating history of insider world politics. It should be required reading for every high school and college student.

"It is evident that, to whatever degree, individuals connected by blood, titles, marriage or membership in secret societies have manipulated and controlled the destinies of entire nations through the fomenting and funding of war," writes Marrs. "These people consider themselves above the morality and ethics of the average man. They obviously look to some higher purpose whether that be sheer wealth, power or perhaps some hidden agenda concerning mankind's origin, destiny and spirituality."

"Rule by Secrecy" is an absolute must for every thinking person's library. In a call to action, the book ends with a self-empowering concept that "knowledge is indeed power. It is time for those who desire true freedom to exert themselves to fight back against the forces who desire domination through fear and disunity."

"It is a time for truth -- about our past and our present, about who really rules and about what's being done to this planet in the name of progress and profit....The time for secrecy is at an end."

"Don't wait for the corporate controlled media to inform and explain," writes Marrs. "Read and listen to everything within reach and search for sources of alternative information -- on the Internet, in documentaries, in old library books and unconventional bookstores. Read and watch things you normally wouldn't. Then quietly contemplate. Use that God-given supercomputer called your 'brain.' Perhaps more important, feel what's right within your heart, your soul, your innermost being."

And, by all means, read "Rule by Secrecy."

Copyright 2000 Uri Dowbenko. All rights reserved.


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