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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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'Rulers of Evil' - Divide & Conquer:The Jesuit Way  (continued)

'Rulers of Evil' - Divide & Conquer:The Jesuit Way Furthermore, he contends that their behind the scenes manipulations have resulted in the government we deserve.

For instance, Saussy points out that the result of the Dred Scott decision, which was supposed to abolish slavery, actually did the opposite.

"First slavery was abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment(1865),"Saussy writes. "Then the Fourteenth Amendment (1868) created a new national citizenship. Unlike State citizenship, which was denied to Negroes, national citizenship was available to anyone as long as they subjected themselves to the jurisdiction of the United States -- that is to the Federal Government, whose seat is the District of Columbia, 'Rome.'"

"What is so remarkably jesuitic about the scheme that proceeded out of Roger Taney's opinion [Taney was US Supreme Court Chief Justice who wrote it] is that slavery was sustained by the very amendment that supposedly abolished it. Amendment Thirteen provides for the abolition of 'involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.'"

Saussy contends that, "In our time the federally regulated communications media, with their continually exciting celebration of violence and drug-use, have subtly but vigorously induced youthful audiences to play on the minefield of complementary criminal statutes. The fruit of this collaboration is a burgeoning national prison population of men and women enslaved constitutionally. American slavery has become a permanent institution."

In describing the origins of the Society of Jesus founded by Ignatius Loyola, Saussy delves into the organization's militaristic nature, its extreme oath of obedience (which he reproduces in the book from a Library of Congress document), and the cabalistic significance of their rituals and methodology.

Jesuit casuistry, writes Saussy, is known as "the process of applying moral principles falsely in deciding the rights or wrongs of a case -- the word 'casuistry' comes from 'cases.' WWWebster [the online dictionary] equates casuistry with rationalization, 'to cause something to seem reasonable; to provide plausible but untrue reasons for conduct.'

(In early 1999, President Clinton's biographer, David Maraniss, could be seen remarking on talkshows that the President owed his formidable skills as a criminal defendant to 'his training in casuistry at Georgetown University')."

Georgetown, of course, is the preeminent Jesuit school,still administered by the Society of Jesus and the foremost educator of US "policymakers," "lawmakers," and federal bureaucrats.

"The great Jesuit casuist Antonio Escobar pardoned evildoers as long as it was committed in pursuit of a lofty goal," continues Saussy. "Purity of intention, he declared in 1627, may justify actions which are contrary to moral code and to human laws."

Thus, Jesuit "logic" remains the foundation for rationalizing morally
repugnant and ethically questionable behavior in today's society.

"Hermann Busenbaum ratified Escobar with his own famous maxim, "Cum finis est licitus, etiam media sunt licita." If the end is legal, the means are legal. Escobar and Busenbaum boil down to the essential doctrine of terrorism: The ends justify the means."

State terrorism, of course, is not excluded from this dictum.

During the American Revolution, the Superior General of Jesuitism(also called the Black Pope) was Lorenzo Ricci -- pronounced "Richey". Saussey credits him with translating the most celebrated treatise on war ever published, Joseph Marie Amiot's "SunTzu" usually called "The Art of War."

The French edition of Sun Tzu's "Thirteen Articles Concerning Military Art" was published by Amiot in 1772. Since Amiot was a Jesuit priest under obedienceto General Ricci, Saussy maintains that Ricci is "the author of Amiot's Sun Tzu based on a remark by Malachi Martin that a book written by a Jesuit due to the obedience factor can be presumed 'in essence to be the work of his Superior General.'"

Saussy also maintains that Lorenzo Ricci was responsible for setting the stage for the American Revolution by using the draconian Stamp Act to manipulate the colonists into fomenting the American Revolution as well as the establishment of the Republic.

His speculation goes far afield, however, in ascribing a sinister
motivation to the founding of America itself. For instance, his conjecture that Ricci came to the United States to instigate the signing of the Declaration of Independence has no basis in fact Tupper admits as much. It might have been the Wonderman of Europe for all we know -- who also was purported to have "died" a "philosophical" death in Europe, then come toAmerica to finish his "work."

In addition, Saussy's exclusive emphasis on these negative aspects is an ipso facto denial of an intrinsically American optimism and idealism, which has survived despite any machinations of the Jesuits.

In fact, the author's exclusive reliance on canonical scripture and his neglect of the origins of spiritual warfare are the primary stumbling blocks in his final analysis -- though his grasp of historical facts must be commended.

For instance, he points out that the first American flag hoisted by
George Washington himself on January 2, 1776 was the flag of the notorious East India Company, the prime opium trafficking agency of the British Crown.

Consisting of thirteen alternating red and white stripes with the double cross or Union Jack in the upper left, this flag has an occult significance which has been rarely described. Saussy also does an impressive cabalistic interpretation of the US Great Seal.

Saussy leaves readers with much to ponder. His conclusions may or may
not be correct due to his literalist interpretation of scripture, but "Rulers of Evil" remains an important historical work for the understanding of current events.

Without knowing the history of Roman religion and Babylonian
priestcraft with its pantheon of gods and goddesses, as well as the
subsequent Catholic religion with its idolatry of Jesus, it's impossible to gauge the significance of contemporary government, secular authority and the spiritual warfare of modern life.

"Rulers of Evil" is a rare book about understanding American history in context. Its ability to decipher the meaning of occult power struggles and translate them into living guidelines is impressive.

Finally the author's description of the world view of "Condemnation" vs. "Reconciliation" is an enlightened analysis of the significance of
temporal power and spiritual wisdom.

Tupper Saussy's insights are worth reading again and again.

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