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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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'Arlington Road': How to Produce A Scapegoat  (continued)
    by Uri Dowbenko

'Arlington Road': How to Produce A Scapegoat "

"We want one man, and we want it fast because we want our security back," he continues, regarding the media coverup and killing of the lone-nut bomber scapegoat patsy supposedly responsible.

Michael's wife, meanwhile, was an FBI agent, killed in a botched Ruby Ridge style assault in West Virginia. "She died for her country," an agent named Carver (Robert Gossett tells him. 'She shouldn't have," replies Michael.

Regarding his bitterness toward the government, Michael says, "When she died, all I wanted was someone to say we made a mistake."

Meanwhile Michael's girlfriend, a former teaching assistant, Brooke Wolfe (Hope Davis) tries to help him get on with his life and become more than his significant other.

The movie begins with a David Lynch style scene of disorienting trauma in which a boy wanders in the streets with blood all over him, the result of an apparent explosion. It turns out he's the son of Michael's neighbors, Oliver Lang(Tim Robbins) and his wife Cheryl (Joan Cusack).

At a backyard barbeque, later, Cheryl desribes her husband to Michael, "He's such a good man; he's such a good father." But Michael becomes suspicious when he sees engineering plans at his neighbor's house.

Checking him out, Michael finds out that his neighbor changed his identity, possibly stealing his best friend's name. As a 16- year old, he was also involved in a bombing when his father killed himself after the Bureau of Land Management absconded with the family' farm's water, thus driving them into bankruptcy.

This supposedly turned the mild-mannered farm boy into a Unabomber clone bent on destruction. Then to compound his motives, the movie posits a conspiracy of like-minded individuals, a veritable army of homegrown lone-nut bombers living right next door to you.

Arlington Road is mass mind control at its classiest. First, in the standard divide-conquer-and-rule tactics of the cryptocracy, it directs suspicion at so-called normal people in any typical neighborhood suburb. In other words, you might be unaware, living across the street from some nut-case who's planning to blow up the FBI Building.

The movie also perpetuates the Big Media myth of armed and dangerous militia members who operate in an organized army against the federal governnent.

And it promotes the concept that the Internet is too dangerous and must be controlled.

Why? Because people can get information which violates others' right to privacy.

Cue up the laugh track...

The parallels between the scapegoat bomber of "Arlington Road" and the so-called Unabomber scapegoat are striking.

For example, in a fascinating piece called "Profiling the FBI's Unabom Charade' (, Michael A. Hoffman II writes about Ted Kaczynski, the Designated Patsy.

"As for his alleged guilt, it should be recalled that the Unabomber is the FBI's concoction. The grouping of various bombings since 1978 under the 'Unabom' nomenclature is their invention. No credible evidence has been put forth to link Kaczynski to all or even most of these cowardly and reprehensible bombing," writes Hoffman.

"Tbe most prominent sketch of an alleged 'Unabom' suspect by a witness emanated from the 1987 bombing of a computer store in Salt Lake City. It depicts a hooded man with sunglassses, a mustache, curly red hair and bears no resemblance to Kaczynski," he continues.

"The drawing was executed by forensic artist Jeanne Boylan, an FBI contract employee. The female witness who provided the details upon which the drawing is based, apparently could not identify Kaczynski as the man she saw in 1987."

Remember the mysterious John Doe II from the Oklahoma City Bombing?

Was he another FBI concoction -- a suspect who was first touted as an accomplice of Timothy McVeigh, andthen mysteriously vanished off the FBI's and the Government-Media Cartel's radar?

Hoffman contends that "in certain occult crime rituals, a sunchronic work of literature, usually fiction, appears before the crimes are perpetrated, serving as a virtual script. In the case of Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army (a group which featured salamander symbolism), the book "Black Abductor," had been published before the SLA came to the fore, paralleling many incidents that would come to fruition in the activities of Hearst and her comrades."

In the case of the Son of Sam murders, it was the New York screening of a movie called The Wicker Man, an occult thriller about ritual human sacrifice.

"In the Unabom case, the precursor literary work in question has a more prestigious literary pedigree," contends Hoffman. "Joseph Conrad's 1907 book, The Secret Agent, concerns a mad professor who lives in a tiny room, clothed in rags while he build a bomb in which he seeks to destroy the 'idol of science.'" Joseph Conrad was, of course, the pen name of Theodore Korzeniowski, a Polish writer who wrote many English-language literary classics.

Hoffman notes another bizarre set of circumstances.

"Kaczynski's surrender to his captors on April 3, 1996 occurred in the geodetic realm at the nodal point of The Scapegoat at Lincoln, Montana, home of the 80,697 acre Scapegoat Wilderness, the Scapegoat Eatery," a real-life restaurant, and a human scapegoat named Ted Kaczynski.

The word "scapegoat" as well as the word "pharmaceutical," by the way, derives from the Greek word 'pharmakos," the name of the one who was ritually blamed and punished for the sins of others, and to whom a poisonous drug was administered.

OK, turn on the Twilight Zone theme music.

This isn't Jeff Bridges' first "bomber" movie either.

Is it significant - or just synchronicity - that he played in another mad-bomber movie called "Blown Away"(1994)?

And Arlington Road? See it then reread this review. Or, if you can find it, see "Winter Kills" (1979) instead.

It's an extraordnary and entertaining movie based on the classic novel by Richard Condon. It also stars Jeff Bridges. In "Winter Kills," he plays a befuddled Kennedy-like brother, whose brother, the president, was killed, and whose Joe Kennedy-1ike father played by John Huston delivers some of the most delicious and ironic comment on the Kennedy Assassination you'll ever see.

That's the JFK, Sr. Hit, by the way.

It was made way before the decision to off Junior.

After all, Junior seemed to be behaving -- at least for a while.

Until he decided to run against Hillary...

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