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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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General Vallely: Israeli Zionist Trojan Horse?  (continued)

General Vallely: Israeli Zionist Trojan Horse? The Russian people lived under the nightmare of Communism which millions of people died by famine and execution for the cause of the socialist state the counter revolution financed by the oligarchs.

In 1933, General Smedley Butler Blew the whistle exposing the people behind the plans of a fascist overthrow of our Republican form of government. Where the Oligarchs were hoping to tap in the anger of the American people’s suffering with the Great Depression and the FDR’s executive order to confiscate the Gold from the American people. Calculating assuming having public support with a Medal of Honer Recipient leading the charge with 500,000 US Marines as the counter revolution to bring in a fascist government funded by multinational corporations and central bankers. A good thing these plans have failed. Thank God for General Smedley Butler is a true patriot, because he woke up knowing how he was to be used by big corporations and robber barons. This is why he wrote the book” War is a Racket”.

Now it is 2014, We hear of the American spring gathering this May 16th on Washington DC. I see history repeating itself again if we are not careful. Jesus said "By their fruits, ye shall know them"

The Tea Party Darling General Vallely who's getting accolades from naive followers do not investigate further into this man who wants a March on Washington Dc.

Col. Riley who is the organizer of Operation American spring has exposed General Vallely for collaborating with known Satanist Army Officer Lt. Col. Michael Aquino writing a publication: "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory".

This Satanist name has popped up in investigations on many military installations being involved in child pedophile rings. He has never been prosecuted or convicted in a US Military Court Martial.

General Vallely has been courting the Tea Party to participate in the March on DC this May 16th separately from Col. Riley calling on the Veterans to gather at the nation’s capital.

Could General Vallely be attempting to co-opt the March for Israeli interest and the political establishment?

General Vallely says the many things people want to hear. Repealing Obamacare, Shrinking the size of the Federal government to Ending the Federal Reserve bank. The poison he brings is the foreign policy has AIPAC written all over it when it comes to Iran, Russia and Syria.

General Vallely has been photographed with the Leader of the Free Syrian Army which is supported and backed by Israel. The same Army burning Churches and killing Christians in Syria. Some divine inspiration he has supporting Israel. I wonder what Bible verse he is reading to sanction such atrocities.

Lets face facts. The Political establishment in both parties are at a stalemate advancing their agenda for the New World Order and for Israel.

The American people have woken up and are saying no to fighting Israel’s wars. The gun control agenda is imploding. New York, Colorado, Connecticut and other North eastern states are seeing a severe backlash against the tyrannical authorities. No one participates in enrolling in Obamacare. The agenda is imploding.

So what are they to do to hold onto power? They need a game changer to keep the agenda going forward in desperation. So how will they do it? Here is my theory. General Vallely who has been a big supporter of Israeli Zionist agenda and a war hawk for the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars is all of sudden calling for Barrack Obama, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, VP Biden, Mitch McConnell and other high level leaders in congress to resign. Do not be fooled.

I can see General Vallely being controlled opposition of the counter revolution to finally overthrow what is left of the republic coming from the phony conservative right wing with the same tyranny as the left. This could be a set up for the patriots and veterans. Please stay away from Washington DC.

The American Spring is an Israeli Zionist Trojan Horse

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