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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Riconosciuto Warns of Missile Attacks  (continued)

The US Justice Department had obtained a copy of Promis illegally and the resulting lawsuit from Inslaw, the proprietor, created a huge scandal which continues to surface as the years go by.

Recently, FOX News reported that Osama Bin Laden has the Promis software. This means he can move funds and keep track of his enemies without being hindered.

Michael Riconosciuto was asked by Bill Hamilton, the proprietor of Promis, to sign an affidavit about his alterations to the software. A week before he signed, Michael was threatened. There had already been deaths around him and Michael informed his family (which happens to be my family) that he was about to be murdered or jailed and that whatever the family was going to be told about him, it wasn't true, he was being framed for telling the truth.

A week after signing the affidavit, Michael ended up in jail on charges of running a drug lab. As a scientist, Michael was working on some amazing new mining technology for which there is a paper trail. We have a photo of the lab which was taken shortly before the raid - the mining equipment intact. This equipment was subsequently destroyed by the DEA.

Michael never got a fair trial. Two of his lawyers have been murdered, as well as friends and journalist Danny Casolaro. Because the US government doesn't want to admit anything about Promis, Michael has been relegated as a nut case and serious efforts to isolate him have been ongoing for more than ten years. It is very difficult for his family to communicate with him because his letters are intercepted and don't get through.

As the years go by, more and more evidence is brought to light, Canada has investigated their own breach of national security because of Promis and it is obvious that Promis is not an imaginary problem.

A genius like Michael's cannot be contained by prison bars. His friends have been working to bring some of his amazing technology to light... including new breakthroughs in energy and communication.

Michael may never live to see his wonders put into action. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and many delays in diagnosis and treatment have occurred. Prostate cancer is treatable with a high rate of success, but we cannot delay. We are now being told that it will be up to three months before a surgical bed is available.

Considering his contacts in the Mujahadeen and the immediate terrorist missile threat, it is an urgent matter of global security that Michael be treated in a secure facility at once. The safest place for him to be treated is the Federal Medical Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Please help! By contacting the Bureau of Prisons Health Center at 202-307-3055, you can express your concerns for Michael's well being and the immediate need to treat him. Also, by contacting his congressman, Brian Baird, at 360-352-9768 and telling his office of the urgent need to treat Michael, people would be able to pressure him into action. Congressman Baird is one of the people who received letters from Michael warning of the imminent attacks.

I am an artist, a musician, and I also host an internet radio program. My husband is the keyboard player for Mind Gallery, he and Michael are cousins. If you wish to know more about us, please check our web pages below. I have attempted to make waves through proper channels and have met with little success. I am asking you to take the time to make a phone call or, if nothing else, please pass this message along. All of our lives may depend upon how quickly we act!

I am sitting on far more information that I can publish. I don't want to endanger informants or compromise any chance of stopping the next wave of attacks. I wish to hand it over to the proper authorities but I am starting to think maybe they just want a war. The RCMP seemed to take it very seriously when I called but they still have not come to my home to actually investigate. They, along with the FBI and CIA were warned prior to the September 11 attacks.

I have written a song dedicated to the effort to free Michael. What else can an artist do? Please help us. The song is posted at nroom/anita.html


Anita Langley

Michael Riconosciuto
Warns of Missile Attacks
From Anita Langley


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