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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Dmitri Khalezov On Mike Harari and 9/11 Conspiracy  (continued)

Dmitri Khalezov On Mike Harari and 9/11 Conspiracy A mutual friend asked me to help him find a place to stay. Then he was off to a new job in Manila as the chief of the anti-terror unit of the Military Advisory Group. The Filipino Communists and the Vietnamese Communists very much wanted him assassinated, the latter just for old times’ sake. And he was, but not by them.

On April 21, 1989 Nick was in an unprotected car supplied to him by the US Embassy in Manila. Bullet resistant cars for guys on the known assassination list were taken out of the budget. A car pulled up next to Nick's car and opened fire with an M-16 and a .45. He was hit in the head and elsewhere and died instantly.

Willis Carto told me shortly after Nick was shot that the infamous Mossad agent, Mike Harari, had organized the assassination.

I have been fortunate to be in contact with Dimitri Khalezov, whose blockbuster revelations about 9-11 are about to change our perception of reality for the better just as profoundly as 9-11 changed them for the worse. He has revealed from first-hand knowledge that Mike Harari organized the 9-11 massacre.

First-hand means in this case, Mike Harari told him.

The world first heard about Mike Harari during the US invasion of Panama in 1989. He was known in Panama as Mr. 60%, because that’s how much he took from any business deal done between Israel and Panama. He and Noriega split the take. The US invasion of Panama began at 0100 on December 20.

Harari and a couple of Israeli colleagues had been warned hours earlier to get out but were caught at the airport by the 82nd Airborne. Here was the chief advisor to Manuel Noriega in drug smuggling and arms smuggling, the very crimes for which Liberace-Bush ordered the invasion. Once the paratroopers figured out who they had, they put him on the plane for Tel Aviv.

Dimitri Khalezov says that Harari told him in Bangkok that he had organized the 9-11 massacre. I mentioned Nick Rowe to Dimitri and he immediately confirmed that Harari had admitted this to him also. Harari said that he’d had to depart Manila for Bangkok because of an American colonel he’d assassinated there. Dimitri investigated and found that the colonel was James Nicholas Rowe. Harari’s actual assassin had been careless and had left clues that would tie him to the Israeli. So this shows that Dimitri truly had a confidential relationship with Mike Harari, who he says is an Israeli national hero smaller in stature only to Ben-Gurion or Golda Meir.

His revelations about Harari must be taken very seriously, just as his explanations of the nuclear demolition of the three WTC buildings and the Granit missile attack on the Pentagon must be taken seriously. All in all, Dimitri Khalezov has solved the (so far) crime of the 21st Century.

Dimitri will be a guest on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad radio show on Thursday February 10, 9-10AM, the first of no doubt many interviews to come.

Dimitri’s video series on the nuclear demolitions and the missile attack have been heavily suppressed by YouTube and Google over the past year, but are now quite available from various on-line sources. His latest interview is here.

His explanation is devastating in its simplicity. The conversion of three steel-built skyscrapers to fine powder is only possible with nuclear explosions underneath them. Thermite, nano-thermite and thermate may well have been used by the killers to cut beams and girders but they would not have turned concrete to powder, or steel for that matter.

For those not familiar with his basic position, gained from his professional experience as a Soviet nuclear security officer, a joint US/USSR treaty called the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Explosions allowed the use of nukes for the demolition of tall buildings, specifically the WTC and Sears Tower in Chicago (which is now reportedly owned by Lucky Larry Silverstein).

The New York Port Authority insisted that the architects provide a means for demolition of the buildings when their useful lives inevitably ended. The famous Maryland firm of Controlled Demolition, Inc – the Loizeaux family – came up with the nuclear demolition plan after the WTC architects could offer no other way to bring down their massively-built towers. Dimitri points out that this was a theoretical plan, made to satisfy the Port Authority that the buildings could be demolished. But the plan was there from the beginning. And it was Controlled Demolition, Inc that was put in charge of removing the debris of the 9-11 attack.

The twelve-foot round holes punched through six steel-reinforced structural walls of the three rings of the Pentagon could only have been produced by the seven-ton steel Granit (Shipwreck) naval cruise missile, which is designed to strike aircraft carriers right at the waterline. Hence, the very low entry point on the outer wall that left no damage to the lawn.

Dimitri has also been pressed into service to Viktor Bout, a fellow Russian who was lured into Bangkok by the Americans to be framed for supplying the stolen Granit missile, stolen from the sunken submarine Kursk.

Dimitri says that the Granit that hit the Pentagon was carrying a disconnected 500 kiloton warhead that would have flattened Washington DC. The yield by comparison of our Hiroshima uranium bomb was estimated at 15 kilotons, or 15,000 tons of TNT. And our Nagasaki plutonium bomb’s yield was estimated at 21 kilotons.

So, we can now grasp how easily our national capital could have been moved to Denver, as some say is the plan after the destruction of Washington DC.

The reader should become familiar with Dimitri Khalezov and his great contributions to our understanding what the hell happened on September 11, 2001.


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