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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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FBI-DoJ Corruption Conspiracy: Lockerbie to 9/11  (continued)

FBI-DoJ Corruption Conspiracy: Lockerbie to 9/11

That letter was sent to Mueller by Rodney Stich, the head of a coalition of other former government agents and insiders, following Mueller's letter sent to Scottish Cabinet Secretary Kenny MacAskill following the release of the alleged Libyan bomber.

One of several earlier letters sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller , October 18, 2001, while the FBI under his guidance was carrying out the greatest series of corrupt acts related to the Lockerbie bombing, shifting blame from the Syrian-based group and Iran to two innocent Libyans and Libya.

The catastrophic ripple effects from that scheme continues in inflict grave harm upon national security and the lives of Americans.

While this massive amount of evidence is available tom the American people—and the well-reimbursed families of the Americans killed in the Lockerbie bombing—British families are demanding that the actual murderers of 270 people be addressed.

Lockerbie, 9/11—and Catastrophic Ripple Effects

Lockerbie to 9/11 is an explosive documentary about the most corrupt investigation and prosecution ever associated with the most deadly aviation terrorist attack upon a U.S. airline at that time. And the concurrent corrupt conduct that resulted in the worst series of catastrophic terrorist successes in American history.

Detailed and documented scheme bred out of a political effort to cover up for the actual murderers of 270 people that required a series of criminal acts by FBI-DOJ personnel that included:

* Planting bogus evidence purchased months after the event to frame Libya with plotting the terrorist act.

* Paying millions of dollars to 'minimum wage' people for perjured testimony so as to indict two innocent Libyans.

* Obtaining the cooperation in the scheme of Scottish police, prosecutors and every level of the Scottish courts.

Ripple effects included, for instance:

* Protecting the actual murderers that were then able to continue their terrorist activities against U.S. targets.

* Concurrent corrupt actions by FBI-DOJ personnel amplified the corrupt actions taken in the Lockerbie matter that enabled to occur a series of major terrorist successes against U.S. targets. The consequences of these subsequent terrorist attacks continue to gravely and deadly effect American lives and will continue indefinitely for years to come.

What is stated here is supported by numerous official United Nations reports, British media articles, and sworn affidavits—all withheld from the American people by a well orchestrated cover-up by U.S. media personnel and U.S. politicians.

Highlights on the corrupt acts involving U.S. personnel (FBI-DOJ personnel, U.S. Presidents):

* FBI-DOJ personnel planting evidence at the crash scene in a scheme to charge Libya with orchestrating the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. The evidence was a half-thumb-size timer fragment found in a muddy field miles from the main wreckage, months after the bombing event. (Purchased from former employee of the manufacturer.)

* FBI-DOJ personnel paying $3 million to a small Malta shopkeeper and his brother to testify falsely about the purchaser of children's clothes allegedly found in the suitcase containing the bomb.

* FBI-DOJ personnel paying a discredited CIA double-agent to provide false testimony about the identity of two people that allegedly put them bomb-carrying suitcase on a connecting flight departing Malta.

* FBI-DOJ personnel offering $4 million to the owner of the company that produced the timer mechanism to provide perjured testimony—and who refused to become implicated in the criminal scheme.

* FBI-DOJ personnel falsely charging two Libyans with the murder of 270 people, while covering up for the Syrian-based group that was universally-known to be the actual bombers—under contract with Iran to avenge the U.S. Navy shooting down of an Iranian airliner that killed 290 people.

* Small town Scottish police, prosecutors, and judges, under guidance by FBI-DOJ personnel, then became part of the greatest mass-terrorist-related frauds in the world's history. The U.S.—orchestrated scheme then required Scottish trial and appellate judges to engage in blatant judicial corruption even worse than is prevalent of U.S. judges.

Blowback or Ripple Effects from the U.S.— engineered massive frauds:

* The Syrian-based terrorist group that actually placed the bomb on Pan American Flight 103—that were protected from prosecution by FBI-DOJ personnel—was then free to continue terrorist acts against U.S. targets.

* Blowback ripple effects from concurrent FBI-DOJ corrupt culture, especially in the New York City offices, then made possible major terrorist successes against major U.S. targets. For instance:

* 1993 World Trade Center bombing. (FBI agents were repeatedly advised of the planned bombing, the name of the al Qaeda bombers, their residence, and the self-storage unit in Jersey City where the bomb was being fabricated. Only reaction by FBI-DOJ was to reprimand the female FBI agent providing this information.)

* Mafia mole inside an al Qaeda cell obtaining advance information on planned terrorist attacks from Al Qaeda's primary bomber provided periodic information to FBI, agents. The advance information of terrorist acts included:

Downing of TWA Flight 800 departing local New York City airport.

In addition, the Mafia mole set up a fictitious Mafia corporation in New York City through which the al Qaeda kingpin, Ramzi Yousef, made phone calls for 11 months to local al Qaeda personnel in the New York-New Jersey areas, and overseas, about terrorist plans. The fictitious Mafia corporation was staffed by FBI agents.

None of this explosive information—the most important information ever obtained by U.S. personnel on al Qaeda operations—was acted upon, or passed along to other government entities that could have taken steps to prevent the success of the terrorist acts.

The reason why FBI-DOJ personnel kept this advance information on terrorist attacks secret?

The Mafia mole providing this advance information was scheduled to testify in several murder trials in the New York area about the serial murders that his father, a Mafia capo known as the "killing machine," committee with the help or—or at the direction of—a key FBI supervisory.

Department of Justice officials in Washington sought to protect that FBI supervisor (and themselves for not acting on that knowledge while the murders were ongoing) by discrediting the Mafia mole during the trials.

For that reason, his information on the planned terrorist attacks was kept secret and not passed along as it would provide credibility to the mole and undermine their scheme.

There were—of course—some minor problems or ripple effects to this scheme by top U.S. Department of Justice officials: nearly 4,000 people died in the subsequent forewarned terrorist attacks, followed by other ripple effects, including the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, that killed, wounded, horribly maimed hundreds of thousands of people, and generated the greatest numbers of people wanting to kill Americans in the history of the world.

The blowback and ripple effects—starting with the frauds involving the worst initial aviation terrorist attack in the world's history, are still coming, for which the uninformed, uninquisitive American public will continue the pay the price!

Evidence Supporting These Statements:

Evidence in the form of United Nations reports and British media can be found below.

A search under various forms of "Lockerbie crash" will reveal massive amount of data.

These matters have been detailed in prior and current books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, the connecting of dots cannot be found in any other location:

*** Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Frauds and Catastrophic Consequences, in draft form, should be available as the first edition by September 15, 2010.

*** History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11. This is the renaming of the fifth edition of Unfriendly Skies, first published in 1978.

*** Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda.

*** Defrauding America.

All of these books are available in print and e-book (Kindle) formats through and other internet sources, and in Europe through, at, and other locations. For list of books at the Amazon locations go to books and put in the search box the name of the author: "Rodney Stich"

For the rest of the story go to
Lockerbie to 9/11

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