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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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NDAA: This Is What American Gulag Looks Like  (continued)

NDAA: This Is What American Gulag Looks Like

What the government needs is a broad discretionary power to declare economically unproductive citizens as being "undesirable."

McCain supported it because it benefits his own state of Arizona, since much of the expansion of these detention facilities or so-called CILFs (Civilian Inmate Labor Facilities) -- a name which is going to get changed to make it more acceptable -- are going to be located in desert southwest states like Arizona.

Also, New Mexico, Nevada, western Texas and the Texas panhandle will be used as well. This is land that could become economically productive, or in other words, agriculturally productive land.

These are also remote areas. You don't have to have high security internment camps because there is literally no place to go.

These are places where the federal government already has a strong infrastructure of communication, transportation, and logistical control facilities, as well as a strong military presence.

And these are areas that have the highest amount of federal government control since the federal government owns more than 80% of all the land there.

In a post-economically collapsed environment, there are suddenly going to be 30-40 million so-called useless eaters.

So what do you do with them?

That is a situation that obviously has to be grappled with. There is a back-up plan, but the first plan is to try to house the economically unproductive in some sort of labor camps that can turn a profit.

Will US citizens voluntarily go there? The so-called patriot community and the conspiracy crowd say that the government is going to come and get us because we are economically unproductive.

That's not true.

People are going to voluntarily walk into the facility because there's going to be a big sign, and it says -- here you get a dry cot, it's heated and you get three meals a day.

The Roosevelt Regime did the same thing with the CCC and the WPA by setting up what were defacto internal work camps. And they had fences around them as well. What they discovered in 1933-34 is what General MacArthur told them that he was opposed to using domestic troops to maintain order. He told Roosevelt you won't have to. This was before the attempted coup in 1935, which MacArthur opposed and which was why it wasn't successful.

MacArthur was the one who gave Roosevelt the idea of packaging up a lot of deficit spending under the guise of the "New Deal," which was just the creation of internal labor facilities. What happened in 1933-34 is what will happen again in this decade.

Federal troops didn't go around and round up anybody. The reason why they had fences a around the WPA and CCC camps wasn't to keep people in, but it was to keep people out.

For the rest of this column by Independent Market Analyst Al Martin, click on to Al Martin Raw.

* AL MARTIN is an independent geo-political/ economic analyst with 25 years of experience as a trader on NYMEX, CME, CBOT and CFTC. He is considered to be a source of independent analysis for financially sophisticated and market savvy investors, as well as subscribers who want to understand the behind the scenes working of markets worldwide.

For more details on commodity futures trading, check out Al Martin's website "Insider Intelligence" Insider Intelligence provides a long term macro-view of world markets as well as weekly commodity trading recommendations.

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