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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Bush's Satanic & Witchcraft Bloodlines  (continued)

His ancestors and relatives were deeply
involved in the trials from accusation to execution."

The president is related to as many as 217 of the almost 1,500 trials
participants including jurors, marshals and constables who accused
others, or were accused, of witchcraft. He and Nelson are cousins, and
share several trials relatives. The trials resulted in the deaths of
20 defendants.

Since becoming president in 2001, writers have reported about Bush's
occult history including his secret-society memberships with the
176-year-old Skull and Bones fraternity, the 136-year-old Bohemian
Club and Grove fraternity, and the 54-year-old Bilderberg Group
conference. Photographers have published images of him showing the
"Horned Hand" sign of Satanic greeting.

Nelson's report is the first time that the president's trials
relationships have been published, but similarly horrific
family-history facts about the president were published in the last
five years:

--News correspondents John Buchanan in rural Georgia and Stacey
Michael in New Orleans reported in 2003 that the president was a
paternal grandson of U.S. Sen. Prescott Bush who was an owner of
businesses which helped finance Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, and died in
1972 (Buchanan, John and Stacey Michael. "Bush/Nazi Link Continued."
Portsmouth, N.H.: The New Hampshire Gazette, vol. 248, no. 3. Nov. 7,
Retrieved Sept. 23, 2008. Buchanan, John. "Bush/Nazi Link Confirmed."
Portsmouth, N.H.: The New Hampshire Gazette, vol. 248, no. 1. Oct. 10,
Retrieved Sept. 23, 2008.).

--Researchers Bruce and Kristine Harrison in Waimea, Hawaii, reported
in 2004 that the president is a relative of Romanian Prince of
Wallachia Vladislav III "the Impaler" Dracula who impaled almost
100,000 people, and died in 1476 (Sedensky, Matt. "Genealogists call
Bush and Kerry kin; Big Isle researchers claim the president and his
top opponent are distant cousins." Honolulu: Honolulu Star Bulletin.
Feb. 16, 2004.
Retrieved Sept. 22, 2008.).

--Author Eve LaPlante in Westchester, N.Y., reported in 2004 that the
president is a descendant of convicted heretic Anne Hutchinson who was
excommunicated in Newton, Mass., and died in 1643 (LaPlante, Eve. "Our
Lady of the Hutch." New York: The New York Times. Sept. 19, 2004.
Retrieved Sept. 22, 2008.).

--Political blogger Joseph Cannon in Los Angeles reported in 2006 that
the president might be a maternal grandson of the British occultist
Aleister Crowley who called himself "the Beast 666," and died in 1947
(Cannon, Joseph. "George W. Bush, Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley."
Cannonfire. April 1, 2006.
Retrieved Sept. 22, 2008.).

Nelson said also that U.S. Vice President Cheney is a descendant of
Susannah Martin who was hanged during the trials. Evidence of a trials
relationship wasn't found for Republican presidential nominee Sen.
John McCain or vice-presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin, or
Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama or vice-presidential
nominee Sen. Joseph Biden.

Nelson reported in 2007 his research of "Harry Potter" actor Tom
Felton's trials relationship with several participants.

*Bloodlines of Salem is the place where visitors share ideas and
information about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, its participants and
their families. Many of us have researched and proved our descents
from one or more of the participants. The trials unfolded more than
three centuries ago and continue to figure prominently in the studies
of history, law and religion. As amateur and professional
Salemologists, however, our study of the trials isn't limited to our
lineages. While the facts about our infamous ancestors might be the
focus of our work, it's the celebration of their memories and
mysteries that continue to fascinate new generations of their families
and the public. We welcome you to explore with us.


(8GGP) Mary AYER (=Fellows) (=Parker) (1634 or 1637-22 Sep 1692)
+ William FELLOWS (22 Oct 1609-29 Nov 1676)
(7GGP) Ephraim FELLOWS (Mar 1641-23 Feb 1671 or aft. 1710 or bef. 1713)
+ Anna or Anne CROSS (=Marshall) (=Fellows) (abt. 1644 or abt. 1651-23
Feb 1671 or 1710)
(6GGP) Elizabeth FELLOWS (=Stephens or Stevens) (14 Sep 1685-aft. 1741)
+ Henry STEPHENS or STEVENS (20 Nov 1681-1726 or aft. 1749/50)
(5GGP) Lucy STEPHENS or STEVENS (=Smith) (abt. 1717-4 May 1806)
+ Ephraim SMITH (5 or 6 Oct 1704-24 Mar 1774)
(4GGP) Dr. Sanford SMITH (27 Feb 1760-15 Jun 1815)
+ Priscilla WHIPPLE or WHIPPO (=Smith) (abt. 1763-26 Aug 1838)
(3GGP) Harriet SMITH (=Bush) (12 May 1800-21 Jun 1867 or 1869)
+ Obadiah Newcomb BUSH (28 Jan 1797-1851)
(2GGP) The Rev. James Smith BUSH Esq. (15 Jun 1825-11 Nov 1889)
+ Harriet Eleanor FAY (=Bush) (29 Oct 1829-27 Feb 1924)
(GGP) Samuel Prescott BUSH (4 Oct 1863-8 Feb 1948)
+ Florence "Flora" SHELDON (=Bush) (17 Mar 1872-4 Sep 1920)
(GP) U.S. Sen. Prescott Sheldon BUSH (15 May 1895-8 Oct 1972)
+ Dorothy Wear WALKER (=Bush) (1 Jul 1901-19 Nov 1992)
(P) U.S. President George Herbert Walker "Walker" "Poppy" BUSH (12 Jun
+ U.S. First Lady Barbara PIERCE (=Bush) (8 Jun 1925-Living)
(S) U.S. President George Walker "W" BUSH (6 Jul 1946-Living)


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