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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Chemtrails Halted for Navy Fest, U.S. Open & Obama  (continued)

Chemtrails Halted for Navy Fest, U.S. Open & Obama We're always wondering when and why the chemtrails get turned on and off and film them quite a bit. This recent span of clear days had us rejoicing, thinking recent complaints to the media a la one of my recent chemtrail posts was having an effect.

Turns out they've been prepping for this event for the same several clear days we've been enjoying. It's been gorgeous "weather" they've so gratiously "allowed" via our controllers, and everyone's been getting some unfiltered sunshine at last - although the white sheen from years of aerosol seeding can still be seen on the clearest day and we're still not getting full sun, nor is anyone anywhere sad to say.

But here's yesterday's announcement of today's event:

Navy to celebrate 100 years of flight with huge air show

Feb. 11, San Diego - In a massive choreography of planes, boats and automobiles, more than 120,000 people are likely to gather around San Diego Bay on Saturday for an historic parade of Navy air power.

Nearly 200 current and vintage military aircraft will fly over the Coronado Bridge and up the belly of the bay to celebrate 100 years of naval aviation.

The Navy is bringing the party here because North Island was the birthplace of naval aviation in 1911. Source

Hmm. Just can't seem to get away from that pesky 911.

U.S. Open Golf Tourney Clear Too

Two weeks ago we also noticed clear skies for several days, which doesn't happen often in southern California. We're a major population center and they hit us hard with chemtrails as often as they can, like other densely populated areas.

I was wondering about that one day and after driving for a while and coming upon the ocean view there was this huge blimp.

Sure enough, it was the weekend of the U.S. Open! Bingo!

The elite LOVE golf! Problem solved.

So again, "Should we turn the aerosols off, or on, for our esteemed guests?" "Well off, Jeeves, of course. Especially with all the local Illuminati in attendance and their 'golden boys of golf' to protect."

Hey, give 'em a break. We're only peons, aphids, fodder, worker bees, useless eaters, or their new institutional term:

"human resources".

By the way, who's resource are you? Think about that one.

Just wondering, Zen


If this just sounds like a "coincidence", let me tell you about my experience in Texas last year.

(I've heard this has been witnessed by others, but got to see it clearly for myself.)

Obama came to visit Austin and then Dallas during his campaigning for whoever. Austin, an alternative hotbed, gets BOMBED with chemtrails. And the air doesn't move. I coughed horrifically there during our visit.

As I said, I photograph and film these things. It empowers me to know and document that "I see you!" but also I'm building an archive I use regularly.

Saint Obama Arrives

But sure enough, the skies cleared one day, and oddly enough it was the day of our departure from Austin for Dallas. But lo and behold, it turned out to be the day of Obama's visit. And if that's not enough, he touched down, did his little gig, and took off for Dallas...where we were going as he was arriving.

Dallas gets creamed regularly as well. Again, the air doesn't move so for me it's toxic. A doctor I saw there said this weird "early onset asthma" or something was sweeping the area and respiratory problems were off the charts.

Anyway, we start approaching Dallas. I usually see the chemtrails ahead of time and am taking pictures. Nothing. Closer. Nothing. It was a chemtrail spigot "turn off"...and sure enough, it was for Obama and his nasties. He came for the day and meant that much to the sprayers to turn it off.

I kid you not. Think about it.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED,_U.S._Open_and...Obama.html

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