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Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Strawberry Flavored Prozac Mouthwash for Kids   (continued)

Strawberry Flavored Prozac Mouthwash  for Kids Perhaps it's a lot closer to Prozac than we all think.

It is somewhat well known by now that fluoride destroys the pineal gland, causes osteo porosis, and does indeed make people more docile, and all of these things are also done by SSRI antidepressants. It's also known that the elite scammers switch names and hide things, and the name of this particular fluoride rinse may well indeed say it ALL. After all, how many Americans go down to Mexico and buy fluoride mouth rinse for their children? Not many I guess, this would go un noticed in the U.S. so why not say it like it really is? And the mom - the main target of the elite would look at that name on the box and say, WOW, This sounds the same as Fluoxitina. This was for my child, so that little difference in the name can't mean a whole lot, can it? I'm feeling a little down today, how about some fluoxitine? END OF LIFE AS SHE KNEW IT.

Meanwhile little Pedro gets flushed down the emotional toilet bowl piece by piece, and Mommy never noticed or figured out why.

Mexico is now under attack the same way America is, and the elite scammers have chosen Fluoxitine for Mexico for a very good reason. Mexican families are VERY close. Often, generations live with each other in the same large house (this house is 6,000 square feet, of which I am renting 200.) Such homes are commonplace in Mexico, so if you want to get away with blowing people's emotional existence away in Mexico, you need to use a drug with an extremely long half life and wash out period. In the case of Fluoxitine, it will take up to 7 1/2 months to come down off of it after your last pill. That way, when people crash in Mexico, the families won't have any suspicions that the drug caused the crash because it will be a distant memory when the crash happens.

In America they get away with murder far more easily because the families are severely fractured and people do not even know their neighbors. People in America suffer alone.

Mexican doctors know absolutely nothing about what they are prescribing to people other than what is in a book of symptoms and cures. They can be easily scammed, and heck if America is doing it, they should do it too. Forget any real analysis of what is going on in Mexico. And even in America, where people are more aware of what is happening to them, the antidepressant scam worked. True, I'd say half the population caught onto the scam, but what about the other half? After talking to two different pharmacies in Mexico, I estimate 10 percent of Mexicans have been on fluoxitine long enough to wreck them. Mexico still has a chance.

Oh, but it's alcohol free, because they care. Notice the brand name - LACER. Yep, we've got this product LACED with something you really should avoid. Bright eyed happy slightly daffed out kids. Quasi star of David logo. No Kosher label, of course.


Prozac Mouthwash for Kids in Mexico

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