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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Dirty Bobby Mueller:Cover-up Meister   (continued)
    by AL MARTIN

Even though he was supposed to be a cover-up specialist, Mueller inadvertently exposed Barbouti’s connection to Oliver North. Despite the fact that Barbouti was being protected by the CIA, he had to flee the country. He went back to Jordan to hide out because of Mueller’s incompetence. Barbouti was forced to hide out in his townhouse in Aqabah.

The Washington Post even sent journalists to Jordan to try to track
him down.

Another journalist Margie Sloan also knew quite a bit about Barbouti. She coaxed Louis Champlaign out of the closet and got him to be a whistle-blower. Louis had managed Barbouti’s chemical plant in West Palm Beach, and therefore was in a position to know the real story. She gave him an interview because Louis didn’t make out very well financially in the very end. Nobody was taking care of old Louis for keeping his mouth shut.

At the same time, Mueller was involved in some tug-of-war with his soon to be ex-wife. The ex-wife said he was involved in an affair and in financial improprieties and other things that don’t go down well with the cadre of old right wingers, whose wives are supposed to keep their mouths shut and stay married to them forever.

Eventually Mueller was pushed out of the Department of Justice.
Mueller also came under some criticism in 1992 by Sen. Christopher Dodd (D.-CT), then Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Dodd’s office was looking at Mueller for having shredded documents linking senior Reagan-Bush officials to illicit transactions involving BCCI and the personal profiteering of Republicans close to the Bush Regime in schemes financed by BCCI.

Chief among those schemes was Top Sail Development. [See Chapter 10 of “The Conspirators” by Al Martin.]

Today people have mostly forgotten that Mueller did have his 15 minutes of fame (or infamy) in the negative limelight.

The significance of Bobby Mueller’s return is that it’s part of an
ongoing operation to rebuild the old political/legal liability control feature within the Department of Justice.

According to the National Journal magazine, 43 percent of Bush Jr.’s top 300 appointees worked for Bush Sr.

There were also allegations made by journalist George Williamson in the San Francisco Chronicle that in his capacity as US Attorney, Northern District San Francisco, Mueller tried to distance senior Reagan-Bush era policymakers from certain CIA-connected narcotics trafficking cases in his jurisdiction.

Like Stanley Marcus, former US Attorney in Miami and Lowell Jensen, who were both appointed judges, Mueller was placed in a position where he could control liability, mostly narcotics trafficking liability.
Mueller was also instrumental in the DoJ cover-up of the infamous Pan Am 103 Bombing case in which it was revealed by the British Defense Ministry that at least two CIA agents were on board the ill-fated flight.

The Bush administration then exerted pressure to get rid of British Defense Minster Michael Hazeltine.

Insider sources reveal that despite the track record of recent FBI debacles, the only inducement that Mueller insisted on in becoming the new FBI chief was that his Document Shredding Bonus Points be carry-forwarded to his new position. Mueller insists that he just wants carry forward credits for the documents he had previously shredded at the Department of Justice.

It’s well known that he always wanted to have the DoJ’s Million Documents Shredded Citation, held by well-accomplished document shredders like George Bush, former Attorney General Billy Barr, and others.

The citation comes with a miniature model of the huge turbo shredders used by the Department of Defense.

Bobby Mueller, who was the assistant attorney general of the criminal division of the Department of Justice, wants to be just like Billy Barr, who told Mother Jones Magazine in 1991 that he shredded six million documents – and he was proud of it.

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