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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Cryptome Attacked & Censored by Network Solutions  (continued)

Cryptome Attacked & Censored by Network Solutions By time the email was read the site was shut. Immediately after reading the email the PHP file was removed by FTP and a response to NetSol was emailed reporting the removal.

From: John Young
Date: 6/23/2014, 01:25PM
Subject: Re: Network Solutions Violation on xxxxxxx.NETSOLHOST.COM - Reference 1-770526811

The offending file has been removed.


Thanks for careful monitoring.

John Young

At 12:57 PM 6/23/2014, you wrote:

Subject: Network Solutions Violation on xxxxxxx.NETSOLHOST.COM - Reference 1-770526811
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 12:57:01 -0400

Later that day Cryptome spoke by telephone to a NetSol customer support representative who confirmed Cryptome's response had been received. He reaffirmed the email's statement that it would take 24-48 hours for reactivation of the site. The site remains down at 7:00 EST, 25 June 2014.

During its service NetSol's legal department and customer support has contacted Cryptome several times to resolve issues that have arisen. ISP service has been dependable and satisfactory.

Cryptome considers the way this instance has been handled as an unjustified attack by and Network Solutions, in effect, unwarranted censorhip. No other of several ISP shutdowns and attacks on Cryptome over 18 years has been as sudden and unresponsive.


1. In February 2010, Microsoft filed a DMCA notice of copyright violation with NetSol against Cryptome which led to temporary closure, which was canceled after a public outcry. NetSol had provided warning to Cryptome of the DMCA and accepted our response which did not halt the closure. As soon as Microsoft canceled the violation service was restored.,2817,2360694,00.asp

2. In October 2010 a hacker group disrupted Cryptome by erasing the archive, after breaking into John Young's email at Earthlink to obtain passwords, then crowed to Wire about the hack. NetSol immediately restored the site from it back-up (which are made daily).

3. Several malware implantations have been made on Cryptome, some caught by readers, others by NetSol or us. The malware was removed without interruption of service. One from 2012:

With a prior ISP, Verio, Cryptome was notified of upcoming termination of service without explanation. Two weeks was allowed to arrange alternate service.

Cryptome operates several sites, twelve of them with NetSol, all of them except, as well as sites hosted by other ISPs, like this site, remain open.

Unless Webcom-NetSol ends its unpremeditated suspension policy Cryptome will terminate its NetSol services and urge others to do the same against any ISP which assaults customers openly or secretly.

25 June 2015. Update:

Via Twitter @cryptomeorg:

NetSol rushed to reactivate Cryptome. No deal. Henceforth only SM will be used to exchange information. To hell with arrogant dirty ISPs.

Cryptome has been dispersed. Files will appear expectedly and unexpectedly at diverse locations online and off.

Besides pastes, drops, torrent, implants, hides, Cryptome has over a dozen sites for dispersed distribution, more coming. Got means-methods?

By sites and outlets is not meant only online, current leader of dirty work posing as clean.

Cryptome Attacked & Censored by Network Solutions

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