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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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UFOs Over Fukushima -- And Everywhere Else...  (continued)
    by L. WRIGHT

UFOs Over Fukushima -- And Everywhere Else... K. February 2010, and Finland in January of 2011.

The absence of the US on this list is glaringly obvious. Why? Because when you spend 70 years lying about something, it gets harder to tell the truth. What a shame for the people of the US to be mocked by their so-called leaders. One explanation is that the UFOs exist and they are here due to the fact that the people in power seem to be doing their best to destroy this planet out of greed and ignorance.

When oil is not involved, you can bank on not seeing the Americans first, but in the case of Japan, the US has brought in some assistance.

Was it because of speculation that Japan's earthquake was man-made and geo-engineered? Not many other countries are sending anyone to help. Is it because no other country has as many military bases in Japan as the US?

And why are there so many US bases in such a small country? Are these visitors from another dimension here to connect, reject, or render assistance to the people of this planet -- starting with Japan?

It seems as though "Divine Intervention" might be occurring with a fleet of UFOs that have been sighted in Japan and around the world, but don't tell the Americans. They haven't been told yet. (yuck, yuck)

They can't seem to believe what the leaders of their country have yet to speak about. They are still waiting to hear about something so precious as life beyond this planet. A power that is greater than the Red, White, and Blue -- and a power that the US cannot control or destroy.

Our world called Terra has been engulfed in major and unprecedented UFO activity since the Fukushima disaster and there have been more sightings than ever, since the beginning of April 2011 -- more than in any other time in our history.

The UFOs don't seem to be here to destroy the planet, since we humans seem to be doing a good job by ourselves. The so-called aliens clearly want the human race to know they exist, which may be why they are making their presence known. They are no longer trying to hide under the cover of darkness. They have a power which can disable anything they want and they have demonstrated this ability to the Americans when they shut down 50 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This occurred in October 2010 at the F.E. Warren Air Base in Wyoming.

Are these beings trying to send a message about the clear and present dangers of nuclear power and nuclear weapons? They seem to be interested in areas where there is some kind of nuclear operation taking place.

Maybe those readers with American friends will share this information and maybe it could awaken them from the mind control which their government continues today with the media and its non-stop barrage of propaganda.

What are the government archons saying now to American people? Do they tell them not to be involved in the internet because they might discover the truth? When Wikileaks exposed their lies, American government personnel were banned from reading the "leaked" material. Will Americans continue to believe what they are being told? And are the people of the US really that daft?

Americans believed the media and government official when they were told a plane hit the Pentagon -- even though the hole left behind in the building wasn’t big enough for a dump truck to get through. No bodies. No blood. No airplane parts. No luggage. No evidence. case closed.

Just for the record -- here is a partial list of sightings from the beginning of April 2011. Information can be found on each sighting by doing a Google or Youtube search.

March 26, Fukushima, Japan

April 1, Italy, California, Zurich,

April 2, Arizona, Chicago, NYC, San Antonio,

April 3, Montreal, London, Japan, Colorado

April 4, Utah, Chile, Spain

April 5, Australia, Reading, Pa., Japan, Miami, Moscow, New Zealand

April 6, Kansas City,

April 7, Australia, Colorado, Rome

April 8, Arizona (Fleet)

April 9, Tijuana, Amsterdam, Montreal

April 11, California, Las Vegas, Utah, New Jerusalem, Bedfordshire

April 12, Japan, China

April 13, Australia

April 14, Australia

April 16, France.

Americans will soon find out what your government has known for a long time but it won’t make you happy. The good news is that those from above may be here to help us with the mess that has been made on our planet. Now it is time to join like-minded individuals, to intertwine our spiritual beliefs, and create an abundance of good energy to heal our beautiful home planet.

We must come together and support our brothers and sisters who are whistleblowers, those who are standing up against the lies. We can give thanks to those above us in frequency and vibration. What a shame that most will never develop to the full spiritual potential that the life has to offer. In a maddening haste to conquer and to be the king of the world, lands have been ravaged, lives been lost, and people broken.

People continue killing each other over color, religion, land, power, and money, when satisfaction and peace of mind are never reached by any of these. Nor will they ever taste that essence of higher consciousness that lies beyond human imagination. In a word, do not let fear, anger, or hate rule your heart for it only fuels destruction.

These so-called aliens are more aware of the people of this planet, than the people themselves. Fear not Americans, your government will try to give you a little info at a time. It really is a little late now.

If we as a people of this planet don't join together, to help one another as neighbors and friends, by putting aside our differences, then this planet will continue to die. Just like the marine life and human life that has been dying continuously in the Gulf of Mexico.

(The 1 year anniversary of the Gulf Oil Disaster is on April 20)

And the death and destruction from the BP Gulf Oil Spill/ Volcano continues to go unreported in America. Most of my American friends don't know this is happening in their own country. The American way is no news is good news -- unless it's about a party.

They have been programmed to watch "news" about Lindsay Lohan or sporting events – but look the other way about anything else. Most have listened to the continuous speeches of “trust us” by government officials and media pundits. Earthquakes have been pounding Japan, since the 9.0 event in March 2011. Japan has been experiencing earthquakes that have been in the range of 3.8 to 5.0 everyday. Of course these events are not being reported in the news on the so-called TV "news" channels.

And by the way, don't worry about the other nuclear power plants in Japan, the ones that had trouble after last Monday’s quake. There was only a small radiation leak there, and TEPCO assures the world that it's all under control.

If you aren't killed by "friendly" fire, then it will be the radiation which continues to flow out of Fukushima and will soon start saturating our bodies. Or it may be the nuclear waste from the nuclear plants, and the depleted uranium weapons poisoning the ecosystem of the entire planet.

Germany claims to have taken the lead in taking the first step to protect its citizens -- to shut down the dangerous nuclear power plants which are, as the expression goes, all "accidents" waiting to happen. Japan, the United States and the rest of the world should follow suit. Unless the point is global genocide -- and in that case, all bets are off...

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