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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Did MickJagger Get Away with L'WrenScott's Murder?  (continued)

Did MickJagger Get Away with L'WrenScott's Murder?

Here’s an email that arrived my way that had me wondering, did L’Wren Scott meet her demise at the hands of Mick Jagger?

First of let me say according to the NYPD, L’Wren Scott is telling that the designer died at her own hands but as you shall soon see there are some unanswered questions regarding her death that raise concern and how interestingly the NYPD have chosen to deal with Mick Jagger who although was on the other side of the world when L’Wren Scott died ought to have at least engendered some questioning regarding his long term partner’s death.

They may have been romantically linked (or not necessarily anymore at the time of her death) but they certainly were involved business wise, financially up to her death. Which ought to make for some interesting questions.

Did L’Wren Scott in a bid to attain further legitimacy put her lover and business partner at potential peril that he or associates may have resorted to bringing the demise of L’Wren Scott?

Have a read and see what you think...


The media narrative was established by Jagger and his PR Flacks who ran to the major media outlets and tabloids while the body of L’Wren Scott was still warm. Even if you accept the narrative in its entirety there is a huge problem:

How can L’Wren Scott simultaneously have be so distraught about her finances to kill herself, if she has an apartment worth $6 Million Dollars, her debt is largely corporate debt under the incorporated fashion brand (debt which can be restructured in bankruptcy) and her Rocker Boyfriend worth $300 Million did NOT break things off with her as Jagger claims?

This is why you know Mick Jagger is quite possibly LYING. If Jagger is telling the truth that things were honky dory between the two, then the suicide is nonsensical. If he is LYING then her “suicide” makes far more sense.


One must consider that Sir Mick Jagger was more than a boyfriend of L’Wren Scott, he was a Stakeholder with a controlling interest in her Fashion Empire and her residence. Hence, Mick Jagger cannot and will not publicly admit that he withdrew from L’Wren Scott emotionally, sexually and financially and that he broke up or unplugged from L’Wren Scott, as some reports have surmised, because then it opens up a completely different line of questioning. But here is the problem, if Mick is all these things to Ms. Scott, how could have he been completely in the dark about her state of mind? Was L’Wren Scott planning some sort of retaliation once she discovered she was cheating on him and that Jagger intended to disassociate with Scott permanently and move on with his life, perhaps with someone else? Was it of the type of threat of disclosure hat needed to be nipped in the bud by the leader of the Rolling Stones? Did Sir Mick ( a Knight of the British Empire and known Crossdressing Bisexual) have access/akey to her abode, a key that could have been given to someone else, someone else who could have discretely led L’Wren Scott to meet her demise in a way that seemed like suicide?


KEEP IN MIND that any time that any citizen appears to have taken their own life or is possibly murdered, however they should come to an end, in curious circumstances, where there is financial disarray, problematic or at least complicated interwoven relationships such that one could be say a ‘STAKEHOLDER’ in another persons life, the “significant other” or former “signficant other” is usually called in for questioning by authorities. You would think this would be material if the significant other was a lover, friend, investor, creditor and quite possibly an Ex-Boyfriend. Mick’s creditors may wish to be aware that for all intensive purposes it appears that Sir Mick wielded a great deal of CONTROL over L’Wren Scott and her enterprise, arguably you may be able to pursue a Lender Liability claim against Mick to the extent that the corporate entity cannot satisfy you in full.


Anyone that close to a dead subject becomes a person of interest. When someone dies, murder or suicide, a minimum of conversations are usually had. I am putting weight in the facts without regard to tabloid narratives which have largely been pushed by Team Jagger. jackass. Even under a most favorable interpretation of the Jagger L’Wren Scott Narrative, Jagger ought to have been questioned by the NYPD. Keep in mind, that while the body was still warm, Mick Jagger & Co. took to their airwaves to try to establish the narrative. L’Wren Scott has NOBODY spinning to bloggers and tabloid writers. NOBODY. The narrative established is being establised on terms most suitable to Mick Jagger.

IRONIC that Sir Mick Jagger was not brought into New York City to be interviewed by the NYPD in connection with the death of Jagger’s “girlfriend” (assuming that they were not in fact broken up at the time of her death). Keep in mind it is easy for Jagger to write that script now because nobody is here really to counter that perception in the media if it is untrue. L’Wren Scott cannot speak about the true status of her relationship with Mick Jagger. She is dead.
EVEN MORE IRONIC…..Sir Mick did not have to step foot in NYC but was allowed to import the body back to LA with the assistance of Scott’s brother. Likewise little is known about her other creditors and/or who may have had an incentive to assist her in her “Suicide” Maybe it was CONVENIENT that Jagger was half a world away in Australia at the time of L’Wren Scott’s Suicide and maybe…it was by design to provide the ultimate cover. Given the distance, how could he have had anything to do with it right? When you have $300 Million and are a Knight of the British Empire….one tends to have access to people, places and things that others don’t.


One can envision Sir Mick advising her that he would not marry her, give her children or continue to support her business and that yes in fact he had been seeing other women because he is A “Rolling Stone” man and that he can’t be a kept man. So he unplugs everything at once: financially, emotionally and physically.

L’Wren Scott breaks down at first before she THREATENS Sir Mick with EXPOSURE of ALL THE DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS that she has learned about the BISEXUAL CROSSDRESSING PLAYBOY ROCKER KNOWN AS SIR MICK, A ROYAL KNIGHT OF HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN who she kept satiated by dressing, making him up like a girl and using STRAP-ON toys with and playing the role of his DOMINATRIX or a MAN.

Mick has not hidden or run from his propensities over the years and by now they are actually more mainstream, at least in certain circles. The problem is that Mick is in legacy mode, gettiing on in years and probably no longer wants his private life broadcast on several channels and the internet for his young heirs to have to read or deal with in the future.

So of course, Jagger does not want a tell all book about his sexual pecadillos this late in life. And given his frugal tendencies he does not want to be hijacked financially any further. A decision is made. A call is made.

L’Wren Scott had to go one way or another... and who is to know whether someone was standing over her to insure that she went through with the plan to remove herself as the problem...

Perhaps things did not go down exactly like this... but if you think that people do not get terminated for messing with folks more power than themselves... you do not know or understand how the world really works.

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