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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Ben Affleck, Deviant Sex Habits, Etc.  (continued)

Ben Affleck, Deviant Sex Habits, Etc.

Ben Affleck, was working for the United Nations last year, when he was sent into The Congo, a country that has numerous mass graves of black kids due to the funding of warlords by the UN, American Mining Corps like Freeport-McMoran (a corp that employed male members of my family for nearly 3 generations in La. State) and due to Wall St Firms like JP Morgan.

Radio & TV Host Alex Jones is in trouble with Google-Youtube, over his showing of a video

that displays the real Satanic Horrors of what NATO, UN, US State Dept (Hillary Clinton), The Saudi Arabs, Israel and America are doing in Libya. In this video, we see an African Toddler that has her lower jaw blown off due to NATO bombing. The UN, US, Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabs and Europe loves killing black girls in Africa.

It is the most Satanic and racist thing that I have ever witnessed but unfortunately this is what the US Government does around the world, in many black & brown countries and it is only a matter of time before we see this happening to white babies in the US and Europe being that America is now in the cross hairs of our own foreign, banker owned, off shore CIA-Military War Complex.

(Hollywood Actor, Ben Affleck is a war criminal and thats just all there is to it!)

The reason why Americans do not know reality is due to the utterly shameful cover-ups by the US Media and the promotion of Satanism by Hollywood.

So, after actor George Clooney got in bed with the UN and some Texas/European Oil Companies, who wanted to split up Sudan, and promoted this agenda, we are still seeing the Western Worlds arming of "rebels" in Sudan to kill and rape Sudanese Children but magically, Clooney, who had left Warner Bros, does this promotion for the UN and Oil Industry, suddenly gets an invitation back to direct films on the WB lot.

Next Ben Affleck, who really is a very mediocre and below average actor/director, goes into The Congo, ignores the fact that Freeport-McMoran, Great Britain, the U.S. and the United Nations are the ones funding mass rapes of black girls & he also ignores the white humanitarians from America, that have clearly pointed the genocide finger of raping female African Girls at the Obama Administration, and he (Affleck) goes on Time Warner-HBO and pins the entire mess on some token "fall guy" from The Congo, as being the sole perpetrator of these war crimes.

Hollywood Actress and Nazi Ashley Judd (trying to get her stale career off the ground) then comes along, working for the United Nations in their black genocide program, and tries to blame the killing of black girls in Africa on Rapper Sean Combs and his supposedly "gangsta rap."

Keep in mind that Sean Combs aka Diddy has never done “gangsta rap” in his entire life, in fact Sean Combs can't dance or rap! So, this is how Hollywood works in regards to doing racial propaganda for the U.N.

Nevermind the fact that one of these Congo warlords, is now head of a district due to a campaign that was funded by the CIA and Freeport-McMoran. Yeah, never mind the terrorism that the world suffers at the hands of America.

So, this is how Hollywood and the U.S. Government works. They go around doing some very sick shit and Hollywood's job is to fool the public and give Americans a very false reality about what is really happening in the world outside of their Pizza Hut eating, climate control, under-water, over priced banker fraud homes.

Until Project White Horse wakes up, and realizes that blowing up under ground bases of the UN-NWO around the world is not enough, all though they have stopped these psychopaths from setting off 3 nuclear bombs, in just the past few months, in some end-of-days scam being hatched by this clique in the US Gov, UN and Europe,-and starts doing assassinations, we will always be in danger of the NWO Satanist.


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