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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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Boycott BP: Dick Gregory Heads Local DC Protest  (continued)

Boycott BP: Dick Gregory Heads Local DC Protest

Feinberg took those claims to two scientists at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, who said it wasn't possible to develop cancer in that amount of time, so he rejected those claims.

In that instance, Feinberg hired three experts to review the 30 respiratory oil spill claims and help him make a determination on their validity, but he said that at first glance, many appear to lack even the most basic medical records.

In addition, to get paid, claimants after both the terrorist attacks and the oil spill have to prove they suffered economic loss of earnings or a disability because of their injuries.

"In these 30 (oil spill claims) ... I see virtually no evidence of disability," Feinberg said. "They don't have a Social Security finding or a workers' comp finding."

Feinberg has yet to decide what to do with about 30 claims from cleanup workers and others who seek compensation for respiratory maladies as a direct result of their proximity to the spill. He has hired his own experts to look into the issue.

"I'm dubious," Feinberg said. "We have paid ($64 million) for death claims and those physically injured when the rig exploded -- for traumatic injuries, burns, broken bones. We paid those claims; they're paid.

"It's these respiratory claims from the cleanup -- when I say I'm dubious, I have an open mind on this, (but) I'm just wondering whether these 30 people out of hundreds and hundreds are going entitled to get paid. We'll see."

Feinberg was initially hired by the Obama administration to take charge of a $20 billion escrow fund to compensate people and businesses harmed by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Art Rocker, Chairman/Facilitator of Operation People for Peace, joined Gregory in the protest. His organization representing over 400 churches, hundreds of ministers, and over 500,000 underserved parishioners, along with human rights activist, Dick Gregory, 78, and Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., Chair of the National Congress of Black Women have joined forces to assist those persons seeking compensation for those who have lost their livelihood and means of providing for their families as a result of the Gulf Coast disaster.

In early-August a similar group of protestors traveled to the BP headquarters in London, England and demanded a meeting with BP's president and CEO, Robert Dudley. The group picketed headquarters when Dudley refused to meet. Rocker said, "They keep sending us back to Ken Feinberg as the person who has the authority to settle the claims. They feel they can ignore the underserved because they have no power."

Rocker also said "Operation for People for Peace recognizes the magnanimity of this disaster and we are using our resources to help those affected by the spill. When large multi-national corporations like BP refuse to implement safety devices, creating disasters that killed 11 workers, causing the loss of 1.6 million jobs in this region, destroying much of the wildlife and threatening the ecology and economy of a fragile region – the result is nothing short of a human rights disaster, as well as an ecological one."

According to Rocker, Feinberg agreed through a series of meetings which took place over the past 11 months to make settlement of claims filed by the poor and underserved. Rocker stated, that "more than a year after the biggest oil spill in U.S. history ravaged the Gulf Coast region, Feinberg has yet to uphold his promise to respond to claimants."

In the Sept. 2 demonstration, protesters blocked the entrance to the office building by tying the ropes from their protest signs around the doors. D.C. police officers on the scene noted that it is not their policy to arrest protesters; however, the protesters moved inside the lobby of the office building which resulted in charges of trespassing on private property. Gregory and Rocker were arrested.

Gregory said "BP ain't seen nothing yet ... we will not continue to sit idly by while receiving nothing for the underserved and poor people. We will return to London to echo the fact that BP should not be a leading sponsor for the 2012 Olympics while refusing to pay the claims of the poor."

A boycott against BP and all BP products, including those sold in BP mini-marts, was announced during a brief press conference held during the protest.


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