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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Agent Buried Alive-Ch.10: Altars Combine  (continued)

There were even strange events before this, as mum told me that her waters had broken two days before the 28th, and she had been rushed into hospital.

However, when she got there, she did not give birth to me and was sent home. I am not a doctor, but this seems strange to me. When I ask her about it, she gets a kind of glazed look in her eyes and cannot remember the events clearly. Mum often gets this spaced out look when I question her about our past.

After my de-programming began in 2006, I met other men who had been involved NSA genetic manipulation and mind control projects. We did not consciously seek each other out but met in strange synchronistic events. When we met as adults, we were immediately attracted and drawn to each other. I believe this was through telepathy.

We bonded very quickly because we had been through similar experiences.


The following is from a regression therapy session with "Nate" on Tuesday Nov 23rd 2004 in a certain location in America. Bear in mind, the subconscious mind recalls all events and memories of trauma photographically from the time we are born.

Nate regularly switched altars in this session, as well.

Therapist - “Can I put you under hypnosis?”

Nate - “No.”

Therapist - “I only want to help. Do you ever end up in places and never knew how you got there?”

Nate - “Yeah. What you getting at?”

Therapist - “Does your mom know about this?”

Nate - “No, don’t tell her.”

Therapist - “Okay. Do you keep a journal?”

Nate - “Yea.”

Therapist - “Is it possible your parents might be reading it?”

Nate - “Well hopefully they aren’t. Don’t let them find it.

(Author’s note - 1N starts to "space out" at this point and switches altars) This is "Z."

Therapist - “I need to ask some questions to the subconscious mind.”

(Author’s note - The therapist was aware of this altar personality, as he had discovered Z and 3 other altars called Max, Mike, and Jeremy previously.)

Nate - “Will this stop all the questioning in front of xxxx?”

Therapist - “Yes. This is for the inner core. Is there any part of you that knows about Alpha, Beta, Delta or Theta?"

(Author’s note - When the NSA create altars they are controlled by a computer like program known as the Core. The altars are controlled by a program guarded by access codes. The altar programs are often named after Greek letters, such as Alpha, Delta, and Theta, for example, as these relate to Masonic codes and brainwaves that regulate programs. The process of de-programming requires access to these programs and reintegration into the core personality.)

Nate - “Yes, they are brain waves.”

Therapist - “Do you know anything about Omega? Is there any part of you that has access to this information?”

Nate - “Omega core. Omega is suicide programming.”

(Author’s note - Omega altars kick in when the person starts to discover that their mind is being tampered with. Omega is usually one of the first programs to kick in when deprogramming and is the first one that a therapist must deactivate.)

Therapist - “I want the core to look to see if something is blocking this information.”

Nate - “Someone is, sort of.”

Therapist - “Is there any part inside of you that continues to have contact with the government?”

Nate- “My eyes. Its hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”

(Author’s note - The NSA gained the technology for eye implants in the 90’s and began to use them right away.)

Therapist - “If there was a doctor associated with this programming, what would his name or color be?”

Nate - “Doctor Grey.”

(Author’s note - It is possible that this procedure could have been done by the Zetan Greys. These beings are doctor/scientist types.)

Therapist - “Find the core computer if necessary using the telepathic ability you have to read minds. Obtain for me the erasure codes for any of these programs

(Author’s note - 1N had exhibited a large amount of telepathic ability including moving objects with his mind through telekinesis.)

Nate - “Negative.”

Therapist - “Can you see a wall blocking you?”

Nate - “Affirmative.”

Therapist - “Can you look around it?”

Nate - “Negative.”

Therapist - “I want you to visualize a laser to vaporize the wall so that nothing is left.”

Nate - “Negative. 404-1 error.”

Therapist - “Lets try this instead. I want you to install another computer in your mind.”

Nate - “Negative. There are four processing units in my mind.”

Therapist - “Describe the functions.”

Nate - “Control processor, cognitive thinking, creative thinking, and literary uses. Cognitive thinking equals combat

(Author’s note - 1N is physically very large and powerful. At 16 years old, he was 6’3 and very muscular with very low body fat. He is also a great athlete, boxer, and wrestler but has terrible rage issues that got him into many fights as a youngster. His parents were constantly moving him around to different cities and towns. He is originally Rochester New York, which is hot bed of NSA/CIA mind control.

Especially at Rochester University, where there is an NSA programming room at the top of one of the buildings. There are also 30 other universities in the States that are CIA/NSA mind control programming centers. On the senate floor, in 1977, Senator Teddy Kennedy said,

“The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutes were involved in an extensive testing and experimentation program, which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens at all social levels.”

After the recent shootings at the Virginia Tech University, journalist Paul Joseph Watson received numerous phone calls alerting him to the fact that the VA Tech was pulling links to its website concerning their relationship with the CIA.

Paul confirmed, from reports in 2005, there were active operating recruitment campaign programs based out of VA Tech. Several professors from VA Tech are involved in government programs linked with NASA and other agencies. NASA is not what it seems and is heavily involved in mind control. This will be discussed later in the book.)

Therapist - “I want you to use telepathic abilities to obtain the erasure codes for these 4 programs.”

Nate - “Negative”

Therapist - “Is this the wall again?”

Nate - “xxxx rule 12. Do not follow any statements unless authorized by main core.”

Therapist - “How do I get access to the main core?”

Nate - “I am the main core.”

Therapist - “Core, you have done your job well protecting xxxx. Tell me what does the control processor control?”

Nate - “3 slash 2 equals 940 slash 4309452xy32.”

Therapist - “Show me a way to delete you so I can use your programs to help xxxx. How old was xxxx when you were created?”

Nate - “Five minutes. It was a quick procedure."

(Author’s note - 1N was 5 minutes old when this procedure was performed.)

Therapist - “Core, describe how it was done.”

Nate - “I’d rather not.”

Therapist - “Tell me what you can.”

Nate - “Electro shock.”

Therapist - “No one deserves this. They abused you. You did your job well protecting him. He was only a baby. He had no way to fight. Normal people do not deserve to go through this. But you are normal because your altars have kept you alive. Now you don’t need to control xxxx anymore. He’s not a baby anymore. Use your programs to help xxxx. Core what is the name of the program that will self-destruct you?”

Nate - “Main core and 310slash102slash310 back up explosive programs."

(Author’s note - Some of the microchip implants installed into victims of these projects are tiny explosive devices. Barry King, the former security officer at the AL/499 base, had one of these devices installed into his chest. This device was detonated a few years ago and caused Barry to have a heart attack.)

Therapist - “Core, describe the function of 310.”

Nate - “310 is a small explosive device placed at the motor/sensory cortex. Placed at both temporal lobes.”

Therapist - “Describe the function of 102.”

Nate - “Blows out my hearing and telekinesis.”

Therapist - “What is the function of the last 310 mentioned?”

Nate - “Blows out my motor sensory functions.”

Therapist - “Core, has a device similar to this ever gone off in the past?”

Nate - “No, it would immediately kill him.”

Therapist - “Core, if there was anyway to destroy these devices what would it be?”

Nate - “Killing Nate.”

Therapist - “Core, do the implants in your eyes have video camera capabilities?”

(Author’s note - This technology may seem like science fiction to the uneducated but does exist and are just some of the little toys in the NSA’s arsenal.)

Nate - “Inadvisable, yes.”

Therapist - “Who is watching it?”

Nate - “Forbidden, system terminate.”

Therapist - “Thank you for your time. I’m done questioning.” (End)

I have been in touch with Nate in the past, but he does not want to go public.


A young man I met in 2006 went through similar experiences, too.

His name is Jason Andrews, and a book entitled Abducted has been written about his life. When he was born, he was rushed off by the doctors and nurses then returned to his mother around five minutes later.

The doctors told his mother there were "physical problems," and Jason told my friend "S" when they first met that he may have had a near death experience at this time. I only met Jason briefly last year, but Jason and S got to know each other quite well. In 1987, at the age of four, Jason had a strange experience.

This information comes from Abducted:

He’d just had a birthday party at his house in Slade Green, Kent. The family was all sitting around the front room, and Jason was asleep on the sofa. A loud banging started on the front door that started to get louder, as if someone was kicking the door with tremendous force. This was so hard, that the frame of the door was shaking. Jason's father jumped up and opened the door, but no body was there.

A storm had started to gather outside, and dark clouds were collecting in the area. There was a loud sound of thunder, and the parents said it was the loudest they had ever heard. After this, there was a flash of lightening, and Jason sat bolt upright. He was staring strait ahead, eyes wide open in some kind of trance and oblivious to the other people in the room.

Jason opened his mouth and started to talk. His mother says an incredible stream of numbers started to come out. Huge numbers, strange algebraic configurations, mathematical terms like pi and binary codes.

These were coming from a four-year-old boy, who would have normally struggled to count to ten in his picture books. The loud banging started at the door again, and then the noise seemed to come from the windows, then all the windows and doors at the same time and the whole cottage started to shake. Jason's father grabbed the phone to dial 999, but nothing happened.

He had the dialing tine, but the digits were not registering. Jason suddenly stopped talking, and when he did, the banging stopped. Jason then started to walk towards the front door in a trance.

His father stopped him and said,

“Where are you going boy? Its pouring down outside, you’ll get soaked.”

Jason looked up at him and replied in a strange, emotionless voice,

“they're waiting for me, I have to go."

When he said that, the violent knocking started again.

Jason’s grandmother was crying uncontrollably, and his mother was tightly hugging his younger brother. Jason struggled free of his father’s grip and walked towards the door again, but his father grabbed him again. He was struggling again, and his father, in desperation, shook him violently commanding him to “snap out of it.”

At first, Jason fought harder, and the knocking grew louder and stronger reverberating through the whole house. Jason then blinked his eyes, and his father, sensing a change in him, gently slapped his face while still talking to him.

Jason gradually woke up, and as he did, the knocking stopped. He looked up and asked if he could watch TV like nothing had happened. His father picked up the phone again, and this time was able to get through to the police. He told them about the knocking, and they promised to send a car round as soon as possible. When they arrived, the father went through the whole thing without mentioning Jason’s part in it.

The two policemen and the father went outside with a flashlight to look for signs of damage to the door.

One of policemen said,

“It’s the oddest thing, there are no signs of anybody being about. Not one single footprint in the mud. With all the rain, you’d think there would be footprints.”

Jason had many other paranormal experiences in his life, including seeing the small Greys (PLF’s or real ET’s?), and disappearing from his cot as a baby and being found by his mother in the garden shed.


As I mentioned earlier, all of us seemed to find each other in strange synchronistic events.

When Jason first met S for the first time at a conference in Blackpool, Jason told S what his most powerful dreams were. They had never met before (as far as we know), and Jason pulled S out of a large crowd and asked him to go outside for a cigarette with him. They talked for a long time.

S had been having powerful dreams about Egypt, and Jason said to him,

“I know about your dreams, you know about Egypt.”

S had told no one at the conference about his dreams. Jason also told him that he had been "watching" (remote viewing) S for quite a while. Jason also mentioned something that only made sense years later after our mind-controlled (Fallow-Blind) involvement with US Delta Force had come to light (this information will be included in later chapters).

He told S,

“You have to save the world.”

We dismissed this as lunacy at the time.

A short time after this, S and I became very close friends and went through many experiences together. In 2006, S and I planned to go and meet the former AL/499 security guard, Barry King at his house in Essex. I had managed to track him down through my contacts. I arranged to speak to S later that evening and discuss the details of the trip, as it would include me traveling from my home in Cornwall up to S's home in Southampton and then onto Essex to see Barry.

Around 9.00pm, he rang me in a real state. He had just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend and told me he had gone into some kind of trance whilst speaking to her. S said he was frozen and could not move during the phone call.

When he did, the girl was on the end of the line very frightened. She told 3S that his voice had changed into a terrifying robotic tone, and he started saying strange things. I told him I would come up tomorrow, as we really needed to find the man who worked at this NSA facility and get some answers.

The moment I said this, he started shouting, screaming down the phone that he felt like he was being electrocuted. All of a sudden, his voice changed, and the only way I can describe it was similar when a singer is in a recording studio, and a reverb electronic effect is put over the singer’s voice to make it sound electrical.

However, this voice sounded very evil and was terrifying to listen to. S shouted, “James, James, James” in this voice, and it sent an ice-cold shiver down my spine.

He then said,

“Wireless transmission, not authorized, next step not authorized, strictly prohibited.”

I believe this was one of his altars or one his handlers from Project Mannequin commanding him not to visit Barry King by long-range telemetry link connected to one of his implants.

I then said to S,

“Who am I talking to? Am I talking to xxxxxx?”

S shouted back at me again saying,

“James, help me, help me.”

I felt helpless and powerless.

I tried to get his attention by saying,

“Okay, I’m going to give you some Project Mannequin code triggers. When I say the names of the programs I want you to say the first thing that comes into your mind.”

This may have been dangerous, but it was the only thing I could think to do.

I quickly got a pen and paper and said,

“First program ALPHA, repeat ALPHA.”

3S reply - “Issuing material, Lotus.”

me - “GAMMA.”

3S - “Unauthorised, delete, delete, deleting, withholding.”

me - “JANUS.”

3S - “Sleep dot sleep dot sleep dot sleep.”

When S's voice returned to normal, he seemed tranced out and emotionless.

He said he could see a number on a screen in his mind.

I asked him to tell me what it was, and he replied “306,198,42.” He then started shouting, saying he felt like he was being electrocuted again and felt like his head was exploding. He told me he could not move, and I could hear his voice going away from the receiver, as he could not hold the phone any longer.

I was shouting his name, but he would not answer.

After a minute or so, he came back to the phone sounding very tired. He said he had a taste of burning in his mouth. I believe the handlers of the project had activated detonator implants inside S’s head to destroy information because we were accessing his programming. The strange thing was that the only pieces of information that 3S knew about mind control and Project Mannequin were the things that I had told him.

He would hardly ever do any research himself, and one of my other friends and I would get on his case about this. I had never told S about the Alpha, Gamma or Janus mind control programs, and he promised me he had never heard this information anywhere before. The fact of the matter is that Alpha is a NSA mind control program that is connected to general programming and issues other material.

Lotus is a "sub" alpha program. S said “Alpha, issuing material, Lotus” in that tranced voice.

Gamma is a NSA program that deletes and withholds other altars.

3S said,

“Gamma, delete, deleting, withholding”.

Janus is a "sleeping" program that waits for the right time to activate, and 3S said “Janus, sleep dot sleep dot" etc.

I knew about these altars because I had uncovered them in myself over the last few months before this in my own deprogramming efforts. This made it clear, too, at this point that we had all been used, abused, and basically turned into "robots."

A side effect of the project was a tendency for the person to become psychopathic and full of rage. This can be healed, along with all the other internal scars of trauma based mind control, but this takes effort and dedication to recovery. In 1999, S was involved in building work on his shop with a friend. He has asked me to disclose little details about him, such as the location as this shop and other details.

They stood behind the counter, and his friend tapped S on the shoulder and said,

“xxxxxx the stepladder’s floating.”

3S was still working and replied,

“What the xxxx are you talking about.”

He then turned around, and the stepladder at the end of the room was floating a foot off the ground. They were obviously shocked, but before they had time to compose themselves, some of the tools laying on the floor started to float into the air, as well.

The tools then started to fly across the room at tremendous speed and velocity.

A couple of the hammers embedded themselves in the walls, as they were hitting them so hard. They ran out of the shop and did not return until a couple of days later. The place was still in a mess with tools laying everywhere, and hammers embedded into the walls. They brought a priest back with them, and when they went into one of the other rooms, the wall had "stretched" out as if it was pregnant.

The priest blessed the place and left, and S had to replace this wall.

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