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Monday, September 24, 2018

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Robert Gates Interrogation in Madrid-March 6, 2011  (continued)

Robert Gates Interrogation in Madrid-March 6, 2011

"She is getting faster. She only made one spelling mistake.!-ex DCI

Sir,you are the one who made the spelling mistake, not me and you know it"--Arrigo 21:07

When she gets this accurate she knows it and is hard to fool--ex DCI Gates

The Mossad officers at the corner to the north coming in to replace them are named:

Idellis, Carlten
Lonner, Howard
Nelson, Paul Willard
Youtsev, Walter Hillsby
Waise, Peuten "Pete" Wilti-
their boss 2 blocks away on the secure mobile phone is named Youtsev, William Hillsby

On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 9:04 PM, Sue Arrigo wrote:

UN, NATO, and individual NATO countries's orders:

Mr. Robert Gates, former DCI, so named Robert Gates, from birth, according to my remote viewing you are here in Madrid to torture me, in the building just to the north of Hostel One Centro on calle Carmen. If you want to dispute that email me immediately your photo ID and your location to within 3 blocks. Yes, Sir, you are watching this screen with Thomas Chambliss and his son Winston, the Head of Spanish Intelligence who is HIV positive and you who are HIV positive.

I dispute that.--Robert Gates per my remote viewing

What of the above facts do you dispute, Mr. Robert Gates, so named from birth, former DCI?

That is awkward, she knows there is another man named Robert Gates here.

Two of them. One Mossad and one from the NSA.--Arrigo

This is going to fail as an op. She already knows the framework of it and our location is exposed.

That torture chamber is full of A-V bugs, and has been in use to torture me for months--Arrigo It is also a crime scene because the "head" ofSpanish Intelligence rapes and murders underage Spanish girls there.

You didn't tell me that--Gates

You didn't ask.

How many and what do I have to be aware of.? Gates, xDCI

Ask her. She knows the implications--"head" of SI

Well? xDCI to me

You are standing in a complex crime scene of over 48 victims of his. So are the Chamblisses. You want the names of the victims?--Arrigo

No exactly. I want to know what to do next. How long have you known that I am HIV positive? Can you heal me? xDCI

Sir, you are daily killing the whole worlds' DNA--Arrigo

I didn't ask how difficult it was I asked if you could do it?

Could God spare Sodom and Gomorrah? Arrigo

Yes, that is what I want to know--R. Gates xDCI

I am double checking. But the answer has always been no in the past.

How long will it take?

How long would it take for you to go white and shut down the illegal trades and stop the Satanist-Nazi actions in the US war zones?

About 2 days.--x DCI

Then do that and then ask me.--Arrigo 20:01

That is a bad answer--Someone could shoot me over it.--NSA Gates

Why, NSA Gates, did you come to Madrid?

I am a Satanist. I thought I could help.

Sir, NSA GATES an answer like that would lead to your being shot for the correct reason, supporting all of the crimes of the NWO.--Arrigo

Who is in charge here?

I am. Arrigo. This is an official counter-intelligence investigation through ALL of my positions. Therefore you are all required to immediately email me your photo IDs NOW--Sue Arrigo
Head of UN Intelligence since 1984,
Director of Intelligence for NATO since Dec. 2007,
Acting Director of National Intelligence for the US Govt.
6 March 2011, 20:07

Mr. Robert Gates, xDCI there are 4 scanners in that torture chamber and its offices. --Arrigo
Sir, I have been in those offices many times, including earlier today while the Chamblisses tortured me. No, on one is free to leave. This is an official investigation into serious Crimes Against Humanity.

But we thought she was going to report for torture--James Thoroughbo of MI6 in that location.

I am not.

Sir, Prove it, take a photo of yourself at this moment, standing right where you are and submit it to me at the same time as you photo ID

How do I get an outside view that she would not recognize.

Gates xDCI: That is not possible. She has made the street famous by taking photos from her window [balcony--Arrigo]. 20:13

Mr. Gates, xDCI, state the reason for your visit to that building next to where I am typing.

She will know if I lie, she knows me well. We have history together. -going into gross lies xDCI

Mr. Gates, xDCI, state the reason for your visit to that building next to where I am typing. 20:15

I happened by.

Mr. Gates, xDCI, state the reason for your visit to that building next to where I am typing. 20:16

I came to torture you. You are right about that.

Mr. Gates, xDCI, state the first date to the best of your memory that you tortured me yourself? Arrigo

This may prove fruitful. It was back before I became DCI. I was with George Bush, Sir. He was DCI at the time. He raped you and I followed suit, because you were scantily dressed and drunk at a party and well, boys will be boys, you know how it is at the CIA. Times were rough, war in Central America, just letting off steam, you know..

ex DCI Gates, Sir, your memory appears to have some problems in it. How many people approximately were in the room?

It was just Bush, Sr. and myself--Gates She is an accurate remote viewer, there is no point in lying for long

Ex-DCI Gates, Sir, what exactly was I wearing?

Nothing, that I remember.

Ex-DCI Gates, what was I doing as you entered the room? Arrigo

I don't remember.

Ex-DCI Gates, what room was that?

It was downstairs.

On what floor?

In the basement.

Was it in a torture chmaber or not?

Well, I don't exactly remember.

What type of alchol was there? Arrigo

I don't remember

Were you drunk?

No, of course not.

Did you drink during that time you were in the room with me and Bush, Sr.?

No, I did not.

Sir, describe to the best of your memory what the room was like.

Much like the one I am in now.

Was the floor equipped with a hole for hosing blood down it?

Yes, of course.

Were the walls enameled to facilitate the washing away of blood?

Yes, that is standard.

Was there a torture table in it?

I don't know what a torture table is.--Gates of the NSA answering as if he is the xDCI

ex DCI Gates: Yes, and you were already strapped to it.

Wearing what? Arrigo

Nothing at all.--ex DCI Gate

Mossad Gates: We think that this is what we need to discredit her. No one likes victims.

ExDCI Gates: What did Bush Sr. say to you about why the two of you would torture me?

He said that your programming was coming undone. Look how well we have done to keep the rabbit in the hat this long.

Ex DCI Gates, Sir, did he tell you when I was first made into a mind control slave?

I don't remember. But your figure of age 3 sounds about right for the Presidio at that time--exDCI

Mossade Gates: This is just what we need. It proves that she has been a whore since age 3.

Ex DCI Gates--Be careful, she is clever.

Mr. ex-DCI Gates: What was your first job at the CIA in which your duties included raping and torturing mind control slaves into submission for the New World Order of Nazis? 20:33

I was 27. I don't remember the job title. It was my first position at the CIA. I didn't know it was wrong. I didn't know it tied into the Nazi agenda. I was just CIA, naive, a bit confused probably. I didn't work as a torturer full time. It was about 20% of my time interviewing terrorist, mostly men from Central America.

Sir, how old are you currently? I am 82 --- Per Wikipedia Robert Gates ex DCI was born Sept. 1943 would make you in 2011, 70, is that not correct?--Arrigo

He answered for me--exDCI Gates

Sirs, this is an official investigation. ex DCI, Gates, why did you wittingly allow him to impersonate you at that is time? Arrigo 20:39

I refuse to submit to your authority--Mossad Gates

Sirs, this is an official investigation. ex DCI, Gates, why did you wittingly allow him to impersonate you at that is time? 20:42

I have trouble here. She has me as a torturer, allowing people to impersonate me, maybe even bring them to impersonate me. I am in trouble. Call Eric Holder and ask him what to do.

Sirs, Mr. Eric Holder is a criminal of the NWO whom I have had to order arrested for treason. Why, ex DCI do you want to ask a traitor for legal advice.

He is a member of our group- Gates

Of Nazis? Certainly you did not mean to say of Satanists or traitors did you, Mr. Gates, ex DCI? 20:44--Arrigo

Which group, Mr. Gates, did you mean?

I meant the group of us fellow intelligence officers.

Sir, ex DCI Gates, what are the intelligence qualifications of Mr. Eric Holder, now that he has been ordered arrested?

None--ex DCI Gates

That is correct.--Arrigo 20:47

Sir, ex DCI Gates, to the best of your knowledge did the black man Mr Eric Holder ever work at the CIA?

No, of course no. Those types are not welcome at the CIA. They have to go over to the FBI to be employed.--ex DCI
She knows my opinions in this matter. I am not ashamed of them. I am white. I am superior. I am not afraid to admit it.--ex DCI Gates

Sir, ex DCI Gates, who killed Obama and why?

He was a slave of the NWO. We had a right to kill him and did so. He had served his purpose and was expended out of necessity. He was slipping in the polls, losing his cool. He grew too afraid of the torture and it showed.

Ex-DCI Gates, what was he being tortured for?

He was ineffective, too many wild parties, not professional appearing. The White House was getting a bad reputation. We had to replace him "for cause". ExDCI Gates

Sir, ex DCI Gates, did you find any substantive errors in my report of June 16, 2010 on his murder? 20:53

She is very exacting in these matters. It is hard to find fault with her work. She does not want to be tortured. She is a good slave, one of the best, if not the best in intelligence --ex DCI Gates [3 distortions noted--Arrigo]

Sir, ex DCI Gates, to the best of your knowledge, when did Obama become a slave of the NWO?--Arrigo

When he was a child, like you--ex DCI

In what country? Arrigo

Since you already know, he was in Kenya. His father was also a mind control slave of the NWO as was your own mother, is that not true? exDCI

Sir, exDCI Gates, how can a person be a slave when slavery is illegal? --Arrigo

It still exists. We have slaves and you are one of them since birth, because your mother is and remains our slave.--exDCI Gates

Sir, does the NWO buy slaves or kidnap innocent people to make them into slaves?

Both, in your case, your mother was "kidnapped" and you were "kidnapped", but some children were bought-

Sir, ex DCI Gates, what % of the CIA's mind control slaves are bought?

It is almost zero. We prefer to get them for free. That is how people became slaves in Africa --Gates

Sir, ex DCI Gates, would you say that the % is less than 10% are bought?

Far less than 10%, less than 1% probably from the figures I saw inside the CIA.

What was the last date that you saw those figures? Arrigo

The problem is that it is an official investigation.--

Attack her postions.--

I can't, they hold. Holder confirmed her.--

But she fired him.

It is not up to him. It was the US Justice Dept.'s findings. --exDCI Robert Gates 21:45

Can she send this as well?

I don't see why not.

I thought we had her communications blocked.

We had until 2 days ago [ just an hour ago now--Arrigo] 6 March 2011 21:46 Madrid time

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