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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Tortured In Madrid (Part 2)  (continued)
    by SUE ARRIGO, M.D.

The crime of using depleted uranium knows no borders, as I proved as a medical researcher. It causes 83% of the disability of Gulf War Syndrome. In 1991, I became Special Operations Advisor to Director of CIA, in 2001 Head of the Pentagon's Remote Viewing Defense Dept., in 2003 an intelligence advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 2007 Head of NATO Intelligence.

Using valid counter-intelligence methods, I have determined, that the lead Spanish Prosecutor in the lawsuit(s) that lawyer Gonzalo Boye wrote about US use of torture and radiation weapons (including depleted uranium) is a member of the New World Order of Nazi-Satanists and fully committed to the destruction of the world, not to justice.

The proper person to head the prosecutions against the New World Order started through my Pentagon and NATO investigations into the international terrorist Crimes Against Humanity of the New World Order of Nazi-Satanists is former Judge in Spain, Baltazar Garzon. He was forced out to the position as judge on false charges, because his integrity was a threat to the New World Order (NWO).

Per my investigations here in Spain, I have determined that since at least 1941 justice has been denied through the Spanish Prosecutor's office and the Spanish police to hundreds of thousands of disappeared, falsely imprisoned, tortured, and murdered civilians due to this NWO fascist conspiracy to deny people their human rights.

Because of the massive extent of this conspiracy the whole of the Spanish Prosecutor's Office must immediately be placed under the effective command of Baltazar Garzon in order to stop these New World Order crimes of torture, disappearances, murders, and false imprisonments as well as summary executions.

The victim's family trust Baltazar Garzon and have demanded that he lead these investigations which have been blocked by the Spanish Prosecutor's Office for almost 70 years!

It is my hope that Baltazar Garzon will be notified by someone reading this email that I have appointed him to lead the worldwide prosecutions into the international terrorism of the New World Order started through my investigations.

In 2003, the US and UK used the equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. From the excellent short overview


By Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat
Former Chief of the Naval Staff, India
FEBRUARY 29, 2004.

Also see my longer report to Judge Baltazar Garson at .

Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, is quite possibly the worst war criminal in the history of the world because he has continued to order the use depleted uranium equivalent to the radiation damage to the planet of 8,034,722.8 Nagasaki bombs per my investigations.

This radiation will be destroying the integrity of the planet's DNA for 4.5 BILLION YEARS as its half life; thus causing progressive birth defects, cancers, Gulf War Syndrome, and impaired healing of any disease for all of these years. 60% of the depleted uranium is turned into fine dust upon use.

My research showed that in the week after the US Govt. uses it in its war zones, that critically ill people (including children with asthma, accident victims, and cancer patients) have about a 20% increase in deaths due to immediate impairment of healing from the extra radiation. Robert Gates is a fugitive from justice since this investigation ordered him arrested and he resisted arrest. Since I first ordered him arrested he has used radiation weapons equivalent to 1,740,515 Nagasaki bombs in damage to our planet's DNA.

In this past week he has used radiation weapons equivalent to 47,388 Nagasaki bombs in damage to our planet’s DNA per my investigations. Yet people continue not to effectively arrest and securely hold him. He is one of the most dangerous criminals on our planet, following the orders of the criminally insane Evelyn Rothschild (who prides himself in calling himself "The Devil"), and who follows the orders of a cocaine addicted Satanic High Priest Henry Chabliss.

In the last 15 months, cocaine addict Henry Chabliss has bankrupted the New World Order by their willingness to follow his inaccurate advise and their automatic transferring of funds to shore up each other's accounts. Yet in spite of all this obvious and undeniable failure of the New World Order to seek or use accurate intelligence, Robert Gates has continued to follow the orders of these two Satanists, and continued ordering the use of depleted uranium on their orders. No one elected the Rothschilds or their High Satanist priest to decide the policies we need for our National Security. Evelyn Rothschild is a citizen of the UK, not the US. And Henry Chabliss is a citizen of Iceland. Robert Gates is a traitor to our country and to our world's security. Robert Gates is not just to be immediately arrested, he is to be denied all rank, titles, and positions, as well as entrance into govt. buildings or access to Govt. computers. We must stop this insanity of the use of these weapons! He is not Secretary of Defense, he is a fugitive from the law resisting arrest.

In the last week, I have repeatedly been tortured by war criminal Robert Gates in Madrid, who used to be "my boss" at the CIA where he personally tortured me 78 times in the past. He has used an impostor (perhaps a shape shifter) at the Pentagon to try to deny that he is in Spain to try to intimidate me into stopping my investigations of the New World Order's Crimes Against Humanity.

The Madrid Police and Audencia Nacional Court Guards have been ignoring my many pleas to stop the torture of me in Madrid. To date, they have refused to arrest my torturers or investigate my allegations of torture and protect me using methods I approve of under the UN Convention Against Torture. Fortunately, Jesus Christ is the answer to how to endure any torture - no matter how bad. St. Catherine, when she was tortured and even her bones were broken said she experienced only "bliss" from the Lord being so close to her at those times.

Please contact former Judge Baltazar Garzon, and ask him if he is allowed to contact me under laws of Spanish Justice, so that I can brief him about my investigations into the crimes of the New World Order and get his help to prosecute them. He can contact me, assuming the Spanish Prosecutor's office stops blocking my calls, via Skype at 001-858-952-1142 email: or via my lawyer Gonzalo Boye in Madrid.

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