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Saturday, June 23, 2018

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Obama & JCS Sell WMD Nukes   (continued)


Hold only this for now -- I don't want to frighten too many people.

Meanwhile General Cartwright was having his remote viewing/ influencing staff harass me 24/7 trying to block my investigations.

General Cartwright is about to call Rothschild to ask him what to do about the conversation between us with as an interpreter one of his remote viewers he has been having harass me to obstruct my investigations.

If he disputes this he should email me immediately with his side of the story in his own words. His computer does show this message to him on its screen and he has looked at it. It is 15 minutes to midnight here in Madrid. It is before 6 pm at the Pentagon. The date is Friday 16 April 2010.

It is now 17 April at abou 3 minutes after midnight. In all this time since I exposed that Obama sold backpackable nukes to muslim terrorists, and then that the DDO shredded the CIA's records on which groups they were sold to, the JCS have not emailed me to ask me to have a video conference with them to answer questions they should have on where those weapons currently are and whether the US is in danger from them.

This grave oversight, given that I am the JCS's advisor on such matters leads this investigation to the conclusion that the JCS are intending for those nukes to be used against Americans either in the US or abroad. If General Cartwright disputes this conclusion, he should email me immediately with his side of the story in his own words. His computer does show this message to him on its screen and he has looked at it. It is 10 minutes after midnight here in Madrid.

It is 17 after midnight. I have scrolled down to prevent a person sitting next to me in a row of computers who might be alarmed if they read the above email from being able to read it.

The Russian who Obama appointed to replace me without testing his capability to do so and who I exposed as not being able or not being willing to shield the Pentagon's secrets, has not briefed the JCS on the location of those weapons and the risks from the DDO not recalling them as I ordered him to do. In addition, it is absurd to use a Russian to make such an assessment, even if he were competent to make it, as he is not expected to be loyal to the USA. The JCS have not asked any remote viewer to make such an assessment and present their findings to them since I exposed that the DDO shredded the files. If General Carwright wants to dispute that finding of my remote viewing, he must email me his testimony to the contrary in the next 15 minutes. It is now 25 minutes after midnight Madrid time.

It is now 15 minutes later and I have not received any emails from General Cartwright, nor any other member of the JCS. I now conclude in this investigation that General Cartwright is wittingly guilty of intending that those weapons be used against Americans, similar to the deaths of 911, and that is why he is isolating me to try to impede my investigations. If he wants to dispute that conclusion of this investigation, he must do so in the next 15 minutes by emailing me his contesting that conclusion in his own words. It is now 12:45 am.

It is now 1 am and I still have not had an email from General Cartwright or any other member of the JCS. I conclude the General Cartwright and the other members of the JCS are fully witting to the fact that the Emergency Orders governing suspected treason in the Chain of Command are in effect and that they are isolating me to try to impede my investigations because they are wittingly traitors and do not want to be further exposed as such by this investigation. If General Carwright, or another member of the JCS wants to dispute that conclusion of this investigation, they must reply in their own words by email to me in the next 15 minutes. Otherwise, this investigation will be forced to conclude that they are proven traitors to the US with the intention that the WMD Obama sold on the black market by used against Americans. It is now 1:08 am Madrid Time.

It is now 1:27 a.m.. I have not received any emails from members of the JCS though they have discussed how to handle my allegations and the conclusions of this investigation. They have decided, since they are wittingly guilty as above, to continue isolating me in the hopes that they will somehow avoid being exposed as guilty. If any member of the JCS wants to dispute this conclusion, they must email me in the next 15 minutes in their own words. It is now 1:37 am as I was interrupted for a few minutes by another person at this location.

It is now 1:47 a.m. It is relevant to the investigation of whether the members of the JCS are currently intending for Americans to die from a terrorist attack as to whether the members of the JSC in 2001 and the men who are on the JCS in 2010 intended Americans to die in 911. Since my boss Tenet sent me to the Pentagon in late August 2001 to remove 911 planning documents so that the firefighters would not find them on 911, I have first hand knowledge. I removed a large moving van of 911 planning documents and then personally handed each member of the JSC in 2001 my 8 page report stating that it was illegal and immoral for them to proceed with the 911 terrorist attacks. I also handed my report directly to Tenet, Rumsfeld, Bush, Jr, Cheney, Rice and the other White House Cabinet members prior to 911.

If any of the current members of the JCS wants to dispute that they were aware in advance that 911 was an "inside job" and claim that they were not witting nor guilty in allowing or committing that terrorism against the American civilians working at the Pentagon, they must email me in the next 15 minutes in their own words. It is now 1:57 a.m.

It should be noted that I was tortured on orders of Tenet and Rumsfeld for trying to stop 911.

In spite of being horribly tortured for 2 days, I continued to try to stop this terrorism against Americans.

Whenever I tried to call the media, the International Court at the Hague or fax them, my line would go dead.

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