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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Obama and Staff Ordering More Torture of Me  (continued)

It is hard to kill some kinds of shapeshifters, for example. They just regroup. That is, when they give my body so much trouble that I am going through the tunnel of light, the Virgin Mary is usually the one who meets me. Since I am not done reforming the intelligence agencies like I promised to do, I get sent back down to Earth. I often wish that was not the case, because it is extremely painful coming back into the body.

I used to teach at the Mossad [Israeli Killers a.k.a Israeli so-called "intelligence" service], But I also taught a similar class at the DIA (Defense Intelligence (sic) Agency].

I would assign everyone to try to kill me with the winner being the person who could stand over my dead body at a specific time at the end of the week long course. I slept with the door to my room unlocked and open and did not go into hiding. No one was ever able to collect the $50,000 prize money.

When I am in my body and not in the tunnel, it is farly easy to torture my body. But when I start through the tunnel my mind gets very calm and empty like in the Aborigine's Dream Time and all the rules that people think should apply no longer apply to me.

That is not quite a proper explanation. There are mantras like The Heart of Vairochana mantra where it says that if you say this mantra once then poison, weapons, etc. can't kill you. More realistically you might have to say it hundreds of times after reading the Sanghata Sutra until you have no negative karma.

The Buddhists have a lot of these different mantras. I think I must have gotten good at one of them, maybe in a past life because many of these mantras require up to 3 lifetimes to kick in. No one pays these mantras much attention because almost no one has enough faith to believe that they migh actually work. Anyway, the US military ran a bunch of tests on me out at Edgewood Arsenal. They put my in an orange chiffon dress thinking that at least the dress would get holes in it or get singed. They filmed all the tests. They still can't believe the results so they keep on sending hitmen after me.

Once in the 1980's the CIA sent one of its best hitmen to L.A. to kill me. I am a remote viewer. I met his plane at the airport. He nearly had a heart attack because he wasn't expecting his target to know he was coming. I offered to show him around town. He fled to a different hotel that night to sleep. I knocked on his hotel room door at 7 am and woke him up. I showed him my neck and said, "Cut here." He said he wasn't ready. He hadn't picked a place to dispose of my body yet. I told him that I would be happy to help him pick out a good spot in the Los Angeles forest. I did. But it didn't do him a bit of good because a few days later I showed up at his home in Virginia and knocked on his door. He again nearly had a heart attack.

I have many strange skills which is why I survived as a child spy when the US forced me to locate Soviet nuclear missiles and photograph them.

For over 35 years I was a trainer for the US and the Israelis in how to collect intelligence without needing to carry a weapon. What I do is totally non-violent. I turn the other cheek year after year after year.

It could be that intelligence agencies could only be reformed by a person with my kinds of skills. I was able to show that all of the tasks of the CIA, even in war time, can best be done using non-violent ethical methods. Those methods are not different from what the Quakers use--sit in relative silence and listen in the silence to know what to do.

My favorite verse of the Bible is John 1:10 or so where Christ says that no one can take his life, that he lays it down freely. When God is done with me on Earth, then I will die. Until then I will be trying to reform the intelligence agencies etc. as I promised Him I would do.

Now, I need some sleep because in reading this I find that I sound pretty crazy. Paul was imprisoned for believing in the resurrection and having faith in God. The people of this world worship material goods, not God. They like to torture those with faith in God to try to keep God far from touching their hearts.

My favorite book is "Tortured for Christ" by Wurmbrand. He has my deep respect for being willing to try to help the KGB who tortured him, and succeeding in saving some of their souls!

I have previously been asked by the U.S. Govt. to trouble shoot software problems at NASA, the Jet Propulsion Labs, the Pentagon, and the NSA, NORAD, and NATO, as well as the Office of Naval Intelligence and CIA, including for the 2KY problem of computers changing to the year 2,000.

In each of those instances the U.S. Govt. was pleased with the accuracy of my technical remote viewing skills and the solutions I was able to help them implement.

In this context, Mr. Oppenheimer's consultation for a power company in which there was a terrible vibration forcing them to close it down is worth mentioning. There was a metal geodesic dome housing over the engine generating the power and it was this dome that was vibrating so badly when the engine was on that was the cause of the shut down.

Mr. Oppenheimer of Project Manhattan fame carefully listened to the vibration from all sides and then picked up a screwdriver and tightened a single bolt in that metal dome. The vibration was so greatly reduced that the company was able to go back into normal use.

Mr. Oppenheimer presented them with a bill for a thousand dollars. Astonished at the high bill given his short amount of effort, the company asked him to itemize it. He did. He listed turning the screw as 1 dollar of the bill and knowing which screw to turn as $999 of the bill.

Please see the Heart of Vairochana Mantra as well so that a few people can get some real benefit and be better protected from the New World Order -- if they repeat it enough.

SEE Heart of Vairochana Mantra

Today is Easter, the day on which Christ rose from the dead. There is an excellent book called Raised from the Dead: True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles from cases documented by the Catholic Church by Father Hubert J. Alfred. It another of my favorite books.

People protesting the New World Order need to know the truth of God's ability to help them. By people reading such a book they can gain the faith they need to get God's ever-reliable help.

God does not answer selfish prayers so most people never get His help and think He does not exist. But if one loves one's enemies enough to want to help everyone equally, then God will definitely help. It is a high hurdle to jump, but God never fails us, it is only our selfishness that fails us. It is a lesson I have had to learn repeatedly -- I am both a sinner and a slow learner.

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