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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Schwarzenegger: Is Arnold the Third AntiChrist?  (continued)

Schwarzenegger: Is Arnold the Third AntiChrist?

The two names given here, 'Abaddon' and 'Apollyon', both mean the same thing - 'Destroyer'.

And 'destroyer', or 'terminator', is exactly what the name 'Napoleon' has been interpreted by some to mean.

Schwarzenegger is none other than the 'Terminator'! Not just a Terminator, in fact, but because of the third installment of [the series currently in theaters], he is the 'Terminator 3' - that is, 'Destroyer 3' or, indeed, the 'third antichrist'!

Arnie also starred in a movie called Conan the Destroyer (1984).

Again, it is of course kind of funny to view Arnie as an antichristic figure. So we find ourselves asking just how much of this is just symbolism. How seriously should we take the interpretation?

My personal position on this at this time is that [we are seeing] a sort of 'real life' movie deliberately set up by a small group of elite versed in esoteric matters. And we are presently watching a dramatic scene labeled 'Enter Antichrist 3'. :)

Just beneath the comicalness, however, is detected a serious and dark undercurrent. For example, the recent East Coast Blackout in the US (largest in history) brought our attention to the fact that the California 'Total Recall' election... is really about controlling energy: i.e. Enron-type corporations (deregulation) vs. the people (regulation).

California's current mess largely stems from the energy crisis (blackouts) of 2000/2001 there that was engineered by the greedy and corrupt 'Enron' people who were and still are pushing for deregulation that would allow them to operate in a more irresponsible and greedy fashion.

It is known that Schwarzenegger got together with Ken Lay (former Enron CEO/Chairman) in a private meeting 3-4 months before 9/11 in which Lay 'presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation'.

All the indications... are that Schwarzenegger's current political move actually has to do with helping... energy corporations.

The apparent White House backing of Arnie behind the scenes is also in keeping with the close relationship Bush, Cheney, etc. had with Enron.

So it is almost too synchronistic that the 'Total Recall' circus election... coincided with the historic Blackout 2003 on August 14 last week. The conceptual coherence was quite amazing.

Let me also point out that Arnie's [Mars] movie Total Recall... involves in its storyline a powerful company ('Rekall, Inc.') cutting off the air/water (or energy) supply to the Martian colony. Well, do you see a curious parallel emerging here?

The Total Recall storyline also deals with the question of what is real and what is illusion.

This [is the very same question] explored in... The Matrix - the second and third installments of which arereleased this year. So it is certainly intriguing that the term 'matrix' is synonymous with 'grid', as in 'power grid' that we heard so much about since last week's blackout.

And could it be just coincidence that the storyline of Matrix Reloaded released early this year involves 'Trinity' having to cause a major blackout in a major city? (The first Matrix was also prophetic in that it seems to have predicted '9/11', as I mentioned soon after the terror event.


Make no mistake: Schwarzenegger will soon be the leader of the United States, if not the entire world. Probably sooner than we think. And his leadership will likely bring about the termination of the the United States as we know it.

It is not apparent yet, but it seems the US has now esoterically become an 'Arnold Country'. From this point forward we are unlikely to see any calm period until the 'termination', just several years away.

At this time I must say: put your seatbelt on. Horus has arrived and we are in for a wild ride... Chaos and the rise of a (Martian) New World Order...

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