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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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Just Say No to 'Stand Up to Cancer.Org' Scam  (continued)

Just Say No to 'Stand Up to Cancer.Org' Scam

The donations will go to selected "dream teams" of scientific researchers "of the most visionary minds around."

As far as I know, none of the money will help cancer victims pay for cancer treatment.

It is unlikely the media will inform the public that last year the National Cancer Institute (NCI) spent 4.75 billion of taxpayer money on cancer research, including 51 million on breast cancer research, and 305 million on prostate cancer research.

Since the so-called War On Cancer began in 1971, the government has spent more then 40 billion dollars on cancer research. Unfortunately, few Americans can now afford treatment for serious forms cancer, unless they have adequate medical insurance.

Despite the extensive transfer of cancer-causing viruses and cancer tumors into various species of laboratory animals worldwide, the War on Cancer ended in the early 1980s, as a total failure. What was accomplished in 1971 was the marriage of the military biological warfare establishment at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, to the cancer research establishment at the NCI.

When the Cancer Program ended, it was immediately followed by the AIDS epidemic which broke out in gay men in 1981. Since that time we have witnessed the emergence of new viral diseases, one notable example being the mosquito-born West Nile Virus, previously confined to Central Africa and now an endemic killer in many parts of America.

What exactly has been accomplished in the search for the cause and cure of cancer over the past century? Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in American men, killing 28,000 per year. If a man lives long enough, it is believed that every man will eventually develop prostate cancer. Yet, if he asks his doctor how to prevent prostate cancer, or what causes prostate cancer, his doctor will not know.

One of the reasons for the failure of the War on Cancer is that physicians have completely ignored bacteria (not viruses) as a cause of cancer. The idea that bacteria cause cancer is strictly taboo in modern medical science.

Researchers who have studied the "cancer microbe" have always been professionally marginalized and sometimes even actively persecuted. (Two notable examples of this are Raymond Royal Rife's microscopic research showing bacteria in tumors; and the cancer bacteria research of the "notorious" Wilhelm Reich, who was sent to prison where he died in 1957.)

In the late nineteenth century, William Russell, a famous pathologist from Scotland, was the first to report "the characteristic organism of cancer" in every cancer case he examined microscopically. (See my Internet article, "The Russell body: The forgotten clue to the bacterial cause of cancer".) Since Russell's first report in 1890, a small cadre of rogue scientists has continued this "cancer microbe" research up to the present time.

During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the most extensive cancer microbe research was reported by physician Virginia Livingston, bacteriologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson PhD, cell cytologist Irene Dlller PhD, and world famous biochemist and tuberculosis- researcher Florence Seibert PhD.

These four women were mentors in educating me about the TB-like bacteria that lie at the root of cancer; and they painstakingly described the appearance of these bacteria in cancerous tissue and in culture, yet their revolutionary findings remain largely unknown and unrecognized to this day. (See, my article "Virginia Livingston, M.D.: Cancer quack or medical genius?" posted on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Institute.)

Fortunately, one can use the Internet to learn a great deal about the pleomorphic (variously sized and shaped) bacteria, as well as the virus-like, mycoplasma-like, and fungal-like forms of the cancer microbe in cancer tissue and in laboratory culture. Livingston claimed that everyone carries the type bacteria found in cancer. The fact that all men eventually get prostate cancer may be a reflection of this concept.

Details of the germ of cancer can be found in my books: The Cancer Microbe, Four Women Against Cancer, and AIDS;The Mystery and the Solution. My video presentation "The Cancer Microbe and the Russell Body" can also be viewed on Numerous microphotographs of cancer bacteria , some of which can be blown up to full computer screen size, can be studied at the website. Finally, abstracts of some of my cancer microbe papers, as well as those of other cancer microbe scientists can be viewed at the National Library of Medicine's PubMed website.

Why does the cancer establishment ignore cancer microbe research?

Undoubtedly, the recognition and acceptance of cancer-causing bacteria might cause chaos (and financial loss) among physicians who routinely treat certain cancers with radiation and chemotherapy. The reason for this is simple: treating cancer with radiation damages healthy tissue; and chemo damages the immune system.

If cancer were proven to be an infection with bacteria, these methods would no longer be considered ideal treatment for an infectious disease.

It is possible that many people reading this posting might deem it highly implausible and improbable for cancer microbes to exist without being recognized by cancer experts and pathologists. However, a careful study of the history of modern medicine indicates that a handful of doctors and researchers (and sometimes just even one physician) can be correct about a disease being caused by bacteria, while millions of their colleagues believe otherwise. (There are about 1.5 million physicians in the U.S.)

For a century, doctors thought that bacteria could not live in the acid environment of the stomach. Thus, in 1940, when pathologist A. Stone Freedberg (using a special silver tissue stain) reported bacteria in stomach ulcers, his discovery was ignored. Several
decades later, bacterial infection finally became widely accepted as the most common cause of stomach ulcers. Chronic ulcers can also lead to stomach cancer. Two Australian researchers won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005 for proving that bacteria caused stomach ulcers.

Because physicians do not believe in cancer microbes, there is no orthodox treatment for cancer bacteria; and I have no recommendations. However, if I were diagnosed with cancer I would insist on studying my cancerous tissue to determine the presence of bacteria. Unfortunately, one cannot totally rely on pathologists to do this because they generally do not identify bacteria in cancer, nor do they employ the special "acid-fast" tissue staining required to view these microbes more easily.

One should not be surprised if the cancer establishment eventually is forced to accept bacteria as a cause of cancer. However, it is my belief that the public will probably have to educate the doctors on cancer microbe research. A simple Google search of: "cancer bacteria" and/or "cancer microbes" reveals a wealth of information about these bacteria, all of which will be ignored by the cancer charity asking for your donations to Stand Up To Cancer!

So why is Hollywood again hustling the American public for more money for cancer research when there is zero interest in cancer bacteria? And at a time when people are struggling to pay medical bills and accumulating medical debt at an increasing rate, this according to a survey by the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that supports independent research on healthcare.

When Hollywood calls on you to empty your wallet, my advice is: "Just Say No."

Save your money for the time when you or a family member get an unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. You will then need every penny you can muster up to pay for it; and don't look to Hollywood to help you foot the medical bill.

*** Dr. Cantwell is a retired dermatologist. A full list of his published scientific reports can be found at the PubMed website.
His books on the cancer microbe are available through Aries Rising Press ( and also through and Book Clearing House @ 1-800-431-1579. Email:

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