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Friday, April 20, 2018

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3/2/12, Clif High & The Fog Of Neptune Settles In  (continued)

3/2/12, Clif High & The Fog Of Neptune Settles In Crap like that. These are top down talking points. I call them, "Red, White and Blue Ball Washing."

Remember, we are dealing with heavy Piscean fog, early degrees of both Neptune and Chiron and while we can dip our toes into the inspirational waters of Neptune, we also have to be aware of the very subtle forces of illusion seeping into our consciousness.

Let's start with the WW III invective. As I click into Yahoo! news, the first two stories are the following; Thailand: Iranians' targets were Israeli diplomats.. and Israel says Iran terror 'exposed' in Thai, India blasts. This is how wars are started. Not in actual terms, but in perceptions.

Anything concerning Israel should be scrutinized in great detail. It's no secret that they are itching for war with Iran. I'm not breaking anything new here. Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Avigdor Lieberman have made no bones about it.

Here is the "Fog of War" gathering at the peripheries of our consciousness.

Here is where the creeping Piscean delusion spreads across all media outlets.

Unchallenged, it is gospel and assumed pretext for war with Iran. But descend a few layers deeper, drop into the comments on these stories and you'll find that most people are not buying it.

People are wise and getting wiser by the minute with this stuff, which is good and bad. The good is that we are getting more sophisticated and media virus resistant. We're like bugs that have have grown immune to certain pesticides. Well the trouble with that is that the pesticides keep getting stronger and deadlier in order to maintain a level of efficacy, which is bad. More on that later.

So people are waking up. Even a died-in-the-wool liberal like Ed Asner, was on Alex Jones recently talking about how a Navy Seal has told him about planned false flags.

I think this emergence of the Navy Seals in our consciousness is really interesting in light of the influence of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (Navy and Seals).

"Act Of Valor" brings the Navy SEALs to the big screen, it's a film starring actual Navy SEALs who have to rescue a CIA asset that is in the hands of terrorists.

Another Navy SEAL film, "Rubicon" is also in the works. Of course, these films will be multi-platform and will include games and gear. In light of Neptune/Pisces, it's interesting to note, but I don't want to drift too far from the central theme. People are waking up. Ed Asner for crying out loud.

Next to Norman Lear, he's been one of Hollywood's pillars of progressive socialism and now he's talking about false flags to Alex Jones.

So that's one aspect of the Neptunian/Chironic smog.

The other is this new wave of empty platitudes about 'America's' recovery (notice how the usage of United Sates has mostly been dropped).

Here is a typical Yahoo! politico fluffer without any sort of opposing POV making it sound like something as revolutionary as "insourcing" which basically means employing Americans is now taking place and is a panacea to our woeful economic state.

Here is a key statement from Obama as he comments on the fact that Master Lock (interesting company name don't you think?) has brought 100 jobs back from China; "More and more companies like Master Lock are now insourcing," Obama added in Wednesday's appearance.

"Deciding that if the cost of doing business here isn't too much different than the cost of doing business in places like China, then why wouldn't you rather do it right here in the United States of America?"

Do you really know what that means? It means that the cost of doing business is getting higher in China. Their workers wages and production costs are rising, while that of Americans has been in free fall.

Now we're approaching that twain place that the "elite" have dreamt of; a flat wage and worker cost spanning from east-to-west noncompetitive slave planet with a decimated middle class. Master Lock wouldn't be bringing these jobs back due to some deep and abiding altruistic motivation.

Hell no. They're bringing these jobs back because the playing field between China and the good ole USA is getting closer to equal.

Yahoo! is a news service that employs talking points for the administration for just about any issue. Usually unchallenged talking points at that.

While we can merge into really interesting fields of collective intelligence and feeling, Neptune in Pisces does pose its challenges separating the facts from fiction.

Let's transition to Clif High's latest transmission from HPH, which is loaded with Neptunian syntax.

You'll see my examples of Piscean prose in bold.

"'s coming... just a few days away�prepare your ears now///get your mind'll never have heard such words from mainstream media ever before in your life and it is going to start a flood of such huge proportions that the world will not be the same ever again in the future and it will change more in each minute than in all the minutes that have ever come before and you will feel like you just do not have a second to catch your breath and shouldn�t you have gone to work or bed or fed someone or something but you are paralyzed with the novelty rush pouring out of the pent up frustrations of decades of pressurized mainstream media whoredom as all hell breaks loose with a single word that a single mind will not be able to contain...(no, not that one...)

"wait for it, days and temporal markers falling rapidly now and precursor events spreading rippling influences'll hear it, then you�ll know it. All prior to the break out is speculation. Afterward all will be lost in the torrents (hint hint) of the breaking dam, which is why i thought to just get a few days advance notice for naps and pies. We will need all the energy we have (us old farts) to just keep up with the trailing edge...which begins to race away from us by March 19th with release language compounding beyond our ability to chase."

Clif has been focusing on 3/2 [March 2, 2012] as the date when something really big happens and takes place. His language is not random bursts coming from Neptune. It's specific. He's hinting at some dam bursting, (Hoover Dam?) and yet Neptune/Chiron are manifesting in the script.

Clif has been on the doom cruise for a while. Whether its Fukushima (he could be right) or the economy (he's been wrong a number of times), his forecasts are almost always dire.

Last week he was telling us all that we had 26 days left to live.

Look, I am not willing to discount his dark prophecies, even though he�s been about 55/45 in his predictive sets over the past three years, but I also cannot simply surrender to it. I moved fast on selling shares of Elenin/Niburu and while that wasn't Clif's thing, I think its important to keep some distance from his work without being dismissive.

But I also have to admit that we're in uncharted waters with half the US fleet in the Persian Gulf.

You just don't send all those ships there just to bring them back home. So let's look at the date and see what the stars say.

I used the time 11:00AM for Las Vegas, Nevada on 3/2/12. The chart is pretty interesting. There's two grand trines going on that form a slightly skewed Magen Star (thanks to Saturn) in the sky. It starts with the grand earth trine of Jupiter/Mars/Pluto.

Jupiter appears to be the head of the star in the 11th House. Mars is in the 4th House. Pluto in Cap at the edge of the 7th House.

The grand water trine is composed of Moon in Cancer in the 1st House, Neptune in Pisces, 10th House and a late Saturn in Libra (trine by degree, not sign) in the 5th House.

Complicating matters is a volatile t-square with Uranus and Mercury squaring Pluto and the Moon. There's also an almost exact opposition from Mars to the Sun and a fat Yod, from Mars and Venus to Saturn.

To say there's a lot of energy on that day is a gross understatement. The grand trines are powerful, earth and water. The cardinal t-square, disruptive.

Mars moves backwards, retreating towards more stable ground, while the Piscean Sun looms over all in the 10th, save Neptune, opening a major crack in the world right on the mid-heaven. This was a random time, well sort of. Eleven seems to be a very popular number.

As the time changes, the planets slide around the wheel, but the aspects remain mostly the same. Every planet in the sky on 3/12 is in play.

I'll be adding more to this as I study the aspects over the next few days.

You're welcome to chime in on this intense and fascinating chart.


Red, White And Blue Ball Washing, The Fog Of Neptune Settles In And The Chart For Clif High's Doomsday

Red, White And Blue Ball Washing, The Fog Of Neptune Settles In And The Chart For Clif High's Doomsday

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