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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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Memorial Day Means Nothing  (continued)

Memorial Day Means Nothing

They didn't want the story of funneling weapons to the rebels in Syria to get out.

How many more giant red flags do you need to convince your children never to join the U.S. military, lest they wind up as cannon fodder for the power elite? If you do need more red flags, there is an endless supply.

And what is your feeling when you gaze upon those tombstones, all the wonderful people who threw away their lives over wars that turned out to be nothing but preposterous lies, invented threats and twisted facts designed to make money for the very rich, who had absolutely no regard for the people who were convinced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Benghazi deception reminds us of the USS Liberty, when in 1967 the powers that be let Israel bomb a U.S. ship, kill 34 Americans, injure 174 others. And then cover it up for 40 years. The highest levels of the U.S. government deemed it appropriate to allow a foreign country — the Jewish psychopath nation of Israel — to deliberately murder American sailors as part of their Dr. Strangelove scam to start a nuclear war in Egypt. Fortunately, the Liberty crew hung on, against all odds, and the Jewish nuclear war had to be postponed.

Even worse than that, though, is the widespread and long-lasting impression that the good old USA saved the world for democracy twice during the 20th century.

It is the overweening hoax of all time, because the World Wars were nothing but massive banker passion plays costing the lives of more than a hundred million people and benefiting no one but the bankers who were able get control of all the world’s governments and all the world’s banks in the process.

If you’re still thinking about joining up, top that all off with record numbers of soldier suicides and cases of PTSD .

Everybody knows about it, but the government won't talk about it, or at least not honestly, even thought they’ll admit that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

For further verification about the uselessness to your life of being in the military, you need only direct your attention to the Veterans Administration in Arizona and the current revelations that the VA kept two set of books to deny care to grievously wounded veterans so that they would simply die and no longer tax the underpaid and under qualified staff who are far more interested in pharmaceutical bonuses and cigarette breaks than they are in genuinely helping severely wounded vets.

You shouldn't be unduly surprised by these continuing horror stories about substandard VA care. The granddaddy of all the atrocities was the Hooverville massacre in 1933 when the Bonus Army gathered in Washington and was routed by MacArthur and Eisenhower for merely trying to claim the wages they were promised for fighting and winning World War I.

Veterans are never treated decently by governments who employ them — never have been, never will be.


Of course, you'll never see that on a recruiting poster. Today, ignorant young punks (as well as many illegal aliens) are lured into boot camps with substantial cash bonuses and promises of college educations and career training. These are the same dupes who soon find themselves reeling from overuse of antidepressants on a battlefield murdering innocent civilians in faraway places until one of their limbs is blown off and the rest of their lives are ruined.

And while you're trying to explain all this away and still think that serving your country in the military is something to be proud of, you might want to consider those vaccinations they give you but won’t tell you wha'’s in them, or why the reward for faithful service to the war machine is to be declared psychologically unstable by Diane Feinstein, and prevented from ever owning firearms again.

These are merely some of the unanswered questions that will creep into the minds of bereaved relatives this Memorial Day as they gather for parades and ceremonies supposedly to honor those who gave their lives to protect their nation from foreign enemies. But with each years, the growing doubts and increasing lies make Memorial Day a little darker and all these questions more relevant.

And it is the attitudes of these bereaved relatives — the brain dead devotion of a barely conscious proles who sell their children into military slavery by not questioning their government’s extremely sketchy pronouncements about why we involve ourselves in any of these wars in the first place.

Does anybody really remember why we went to war in Afghanistan? Or even why we are still there?

The answer is heroin, but the U.S. government won't tell you that.

Why did we obliterate Iraq?

Everybody knows the answer is oil and as a personal favor to Israel, whose perverts control the American political system.

How about Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and most lately Ukraine? The Jew-controlled American war machine wants all countries of the world in a permanent state of fractious destabilization so no one will notice the crimes it is committing against everyone, including its own people.

Hasn't everybody already figured out that all the terror in the world is generated from Washington, except for all those events designed in Israel, deployed in specific locations around the world, and blamed on somebody else?

There is no reason to honor the people who have followed the phony orders and killed the innocent people to make money, not for the people back home, but for the Jewish puppeteers who organize all these murder festivals.

All these military dupes who died in Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t die protecting the American homeland, they died protecting the profits of rich Jewish bankers and British oilmen who regard soldier deaths as something slightly less important than the oil depletion allowance.

But then Smedley Butler wrote eloquently about all this back in 1933.


The media try to spin it as relatives trying to blame Iran or someone inside the Afghan government, but the relatives of the fallen members of Seal Team 6 really suspect the U.S. government of killing their children because they were about to start talking about how the supposed raid on Osama bin Laden was a bombastic hoax of the lowest order, and the lie could not be contained as long as a high integrity group like Seal Team 6 remained alive.

We all now know the story of the celebrated raid on the house in Pakistan which was purported to be mundane hiding place of the arch terror icon who hadn't been heard from in ten years, except for those fake videos that weren't him. According to President Obama, Seal Team 6 captured and killed him, then took him out to sea for an impromptu and secret burial, which no one on the ship in question seems to remember happening.

This same puzzlement might have occurred among members of Seal Team 6, who were then improperly assigned to a task on an inferior aircraft, which promptly was destroyed by allegedly enemy forces.

And why such an utter silence for the past year.

This is what members of the military face trying to carry out their sworn duties when cynical politicos commit their high crimes and misdemeanors that are absolutely against the law and certain treason, which is just the opposite of why people join the military.

Pat Tillman found out the hardest way possible. He told one too many people that the war in Afghanistan was a farce.

And after the fiasco in Benghazi, when it appears that Obama and Hillary Clinton watched Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods throw their lives away against overwhelming forces, it seems extremely stupid that any person who wishes to live a happy life would ever join the U.S. military.


Whether you're male or female, the chances are astronomically high that you will be raped when you join the military. Females being raped is a verifiable certainty, but lately as the government follows its disgusting policy of encouraging homosexuality, male rapes are on the rise throughout the four services.

Simply following the unlawful orders of several of the most recent U.S. commanders in chief would leave anyone who follows them subject to prosecution by the International Criminal Court and other international justice organizations.

This might not be critical today, but in the future, when the U.S. has lost its financial hegemony to a more sane group, these crimes may come back to haunt those in the American military who currently pay no attention to what is moral and what is just.

The people who run our military are mostly not military men. The only place Obama could ever have served in the military would have been in a latrine with his butt up in the air poised for action.

Among those few leaders who were in the military, the ones who got ahead were the really crazy ones, like John McCain and John Kerry, both of whom have run for president, and both of whom, during their military careers, were implicated in violent crimes in which many people died.

Most recently, McCain has urged arming the phony Ukrainian rebels in an attempt to jump start World War III with Russia, but his military history is even more disgusting. Son of the Navy admiral who led the whitewash of the USS Liberty incident, the younger McCain, as a Naval aviator, crashed no fewer than five airplanes.

But his worst offense occurred on the USS Forrestal, when his attempt to "wet start" (a 'hotdogging' maneuver) his fighter inadvertently launched a missile from an adjacent plane that culminated in he deaths of 140 of his crewmen.

McCain's celebrated POW stint in North Vietnam restored his hero status, and with the help of the Arizona organized crime syndicate and his lifelong tether to corrupt Israeli billionaires, McCain still remains a major voice in American military matters, as well as Israeli sabotage of the American republic.

Kerry has a similar history of "accidental atrocities" from his gunslinging Vietnam days in which he was cited by many of his fellow patrol boat veterans as a crazed killer, before he suddenly did a 180 and became a major spokesman, along with Jane Fonda, for America’s enemies.

Now, after a presidential run and years in the Senate, he's back to his old position, trying to foment wars wherever he can, as his involvement in the Syrian and Ukrainian provocations clearly shows.

Leaders like McCain and Kerry, certified psycho killers who advanced up through the ranks for always saying yes to the Jews, are typical of the people who order our sons and daughters to commit murder and rape of foreign innocents, mind boggling crimes which have become the hallmark of American foreign policy.

The once-decent people who undergo the kind of training taught by these warmongering psychos are now getting out of the service and bringing the “skills” they’ve learned to America’s streets as they join Israeli-trained American police department throughout the country.

Thanks to leaders like this, we don't need to worry about any overseas terror threat. It's all being generated from Washington, under Jewish supervision, and you can see the effect in reports of U.S. police atrocities that occur every days. Here is a typical sample of this kind of warped behavior from the past few days.

• A police officer permanently blinds a woman .

• Deputy runs down pedestrians, relatives arrested .

• Cops kill veteran for not having a front license plate. This is the story of the young father of two in California who was killed by cops for not having a front license plate. The victim had served two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. .


Memorial Day 2014 would be an excellent opportunity for the American people to unanimously demand the immediate resignation of the entire federal government on obviously provable charges of treason, mass murder and obstruction of justice. Each day they remain in power brings us another day closer to the destruction of the world and the evisceration of the American people.

And each new teenage dupe who signs up to join the American military is another human being we have lost in the fight to rehumanize the American monster, a person who will become a drug addict, a homosexual victim, a killer of innocent people, a probable suicide (if he has any vestige of a conscience), and someone who generally accepts the lies of people who don’t care about him.

Remember these people — the ones who have not yet been poisoned, maimed or killed — in your prayers this Memorial Day. Because it’s way too late for all the others.

(Feel free to send this to anyone you know who might be thinking about joining the military.)

*** John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


Memorial Day Means Nothing

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