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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Transhumanism: The Wingmakers Perspective  (continued)

Transhumanism: The Wingmakers Perspective “There is God, first and foremost. There is the Light of illumination. There is the universal spirit and individual soul. There is a hierarchy of angels and masters. There is the concept of karma and reincarnation or sin and salvation. The concept of heaven and hell. The concept of the chosen. The concept of an ascension path. The concept of the Book of Records or Akashic records. All of these concepts were designed into an upgrade of the human 2.0 interface… All the while the human being remains lost. It remains muddled in its illusion. Everything tied to an empty promise in a belief, and in all those beliefs, one thing remains constant: separation.”

“The program is vast in its reach, and the Anunnaki, once they had mined sufficient gold, had an entire race of beings enslaved,” says Neruda. “Anu, along with his allies in the Sirian and Serpent races, decided it would be best to turn the human 2.0s into a worthless creature that forever sought enlightenment through belief. And who do you suppose would provide the things to believe in? Anu and Marduk.”

“Everything became learning lessons,” Neruda continues. “The earth was a school house. If you learn your lessons, you won’t have to keep incarnating. Learn, learn, learn. But what are you learning? You are learning to believe in the afterlife, as it was described and prescribed by Anu and his designers. You are learning to don your human uniform obediently. You are learning to discern how humanity is different. You are learning to link every self-image you have to the world of three-dimensions, while hoping there is more after death.
“The sober reality is that after you die, the being inside you is met by a guardian who will take you to your destination, based mostly on your deeds in this life,” he continues. “However, most beings are taken to a life review where they face their life in every detail, and based on that experience an authoritative figure will prescribe your next life options for reincarnation. You are essentially recycled into the same program with a new mother and family, and a programmed life path is laid out for you to follow.”

Neruda explains the essential “programming” of humans through belief systems promoted by popular culture, religion, politics, education, etc. “The afterlife program and process is all part of the master program to retain the enslavement of the beings,” he says. “Remember, we’re interdimensional beings—meaning we exist in 3-D and the higher planes. It’s just that these higher planes are designed by the Anunnaki. They are not of the real dimensional planes. Otherwise, we would die, discover who we really are, and we would never reincarnate or if we did, we would tell everyone on earth that this is all an illusion.”

In contrast to Human 3.0 SI (Sovereign Integral), there is the concept of transhumanism or Human 3.0, the fusion of biological humans and digital technology. “This version will be predicated on the confluence of technology in the form of biological enhancements that make the human vessel even more of a welcoming environment for the functional implants,” Neruda continues. “The goal is to make an infinite human on the earth plane… infinite by virtue of immortality. The fusion of human and technology or what some call transhumanism, is the goal… You see, transhumanism is separation. It says we are frail, weak, finite, brutish, diseased… incomplete. All of these ideas of biological implants and cognitive enhancement were parts of the agenda.”

“They [Anu and His Gang] looked at it from two angles: one, if the technology could be introduced at birth, it would mitigate the cost issues of health care and education, offsetting diffusion costs. But it would have to be a government implemented service. No private company could secure sufficient trust,” says Neruda, (This interview took place in 1998 before Google and Apple smartphones became ubiquitous.) “So a critical component was to make the United Nations the credible world organization that could introduce transhumanism to the global stage. The second angle was to allow class distinctions and free markets to eventually make the technology irresistible to everyone, and then allow government subsidies to bring down the costs sufficiently to enable its dispersion.”

“Irresistible” it is -- as the entire planet is being programmed to embrace the digital and reject the natural life.

“All of this sounds very altruistic, but the quality of the technologies would be variant,” says Neruda. “Elite classes would be able to secure higher quality implantations coupled to more responsive genetics. This would simply be a human civilization that would be attempting to purge discontent and disobedience, in favor of participation in a ruled system of government by elite transhumans… Transhumanism is the last phase, and it is the phase that the elite are moving to. The internal-personal is based on exactly the same paradigm of what is now the human condition—namely, humans have a programmed interface that is integral to their human body, and is powered by the infinite source of which they truly are.”

Transhumanism then appears to be part of human “programming” itself – the belief that humans are destined to be “gods.” “Humans are unwittingly trying to be Anu to themselves,” Neruda explains. “It’s part of the program, according to the WingMakers. Humanity will play God to itself. It will try to engineer a better human and a better civilization. It will do this because it can’t imagine how humanity can save itself through simple behaviors and the realization that these behaviors can make. They will do it because they are programmed to become integrated with technology. This is the path that the WingMakers seek to avert. They write that human beings are complete if they can step out of their consciousness frameworks and realize what is actually powering their systems, their artificial realities, their programmed existence. The integration of technology internally, will only make this realization more difficult.”

“Miniaturization of the technology will enable it to adorn the body,” says Neruda. “It will not be internal yet, but it is part of the human body like clothing, glasses, watches and jewelry.”

In other words, it’s not the “Mark of the Beast” microchip implants – yet.

Google Glass, anyone?

BIO: Writer-Artist URI DOWBENKO is the author of Homegrown Holography, Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy and Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open. He is also the founder and publisher of,,, and, as well as the publisher of The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider by Al Martin. Uri’s latest project is called New Improved Memoirs, “It’s your life story… Without the hassle of writing it.” ( a professional service for people who want to leave behind a customized autobiography, in other words a published book, as a legacy for their friends, family, and posterity. You can visit Uri at and

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