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Sunday, April 22, 2018

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The Prince of Wales To Marry His Horse  (continued)

The Prince of Wales To Marry His Horse

That this step was being planned for many years is proven by the fact that “Horsey Charlie” waited a time after his grandmother’s death before taking it. He knew that the grand old Queen Mum would never have approved. It is well know that she privately detested Camilla for her hold on the Prince which, despite the fact that “Grandmum” who belonged to a generation in which the public discussion and display of sexuality was noted but never discussed except in private. By then, Charles did not wait until Diana’s death and the Queen Mother’s made his marriage to Camilla possible. He flaunted this tasteless intimacy with the older, motherly woman while married to Diana, insulting her
publicly by doing so.

That is more than arrogance. It is mental cruelty; A character trait that makes one question his fitness to become King. That is one aspect. Another is that as a public adulterer one must ask whether he can ever become head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, both royal prerogatives.

At the outset and in the title I alluded to precedent. Let me now deal with that. Charles is not proposing to grant the title of the Duchy of Cornwall to his favorite polo pony. That is something the utterly mad
Roman emperor, Caligula did when he made his favorite horse a Roman Senator. No, Charles is proposing a step which he has decided must take place, regardless whom it offends, to make his mistress his wife and, should he one day ascend the throne, his Princess Consort
(Albert hic iacet must be turning somersaults in his tomb.) Horsey faced Camilla is not content, like the witty Nell Gwynne to be the “protestant whore” of this newest Charles.

She craves curtsies and the other accoutrements of royalty, and Charles, whose polo mallet is more solid and stronger than his ability to resist her allures is, is willing to ignore sense and sensibility to grant even such an outrageous and unprecedented wish. He has even gone so far as to injure the feelings of his youngest son, Prince Harry.

Charles discussed the matter of his forthcoming marriage with both his sons quite some time ago, according to close friends of Harry’s. The older son accepted his father’s intention, albeit lukewarmly since both boys still love and honor their mother’s memory. But Harry blew up and a shouting match took place at Clarence House. The fiery carrot-top stated that he would never accept Camilla in any role other
than as mistress of the Prince. Charles responded with an outburst of temper most unusual for him and threatened to young prince with the most dire consequences should he fail to obey his father’s command to be at least civil to the new wife.

The result: Harry confided to a close friend who shared this confidence with British intelligence, that his decision to dress up as a Nazi had nothing to do with any iota of anti-semitism. It was intended to signal his revulsion at his father for acting like an SS concentration camp guard.

What we are left with is the enormous price Charles is willing to pay to satisfy his middle-aged concupiscence. We can only hope that Elizabeth II lives as long as hermother and remains on the throne. Charles may then be much too old to become king and William may be able to restore honor and ethical behavior to the tottering monarchy.


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