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Friday, April 20, 2018

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Hoaxing the UK Mirror - MI6 Disinformation Plot  (continued)

Hoaxing the UK Mirror - MI6 Disinformation Plot

The abuse of prisoners in British custody were in definite contravention of the Geneva Convention. Among the acts which were anticipated by Blair was the deliberate firing on innocent Iraqi children, causing serious injuries and in at least one case, the
death of an eight year old girl.

It was only a question of time for the Blair people until the British media got hold of the story and initiated a chain of events that might bring down Tony Blair and lead to an electoral defeat for Labour and the return of a conservative goverment to Westminster.

There was growing concern about the situation in the Cabinet Official Committe on Security as well as among Labour stalwarts.

Faced with a looming disaster, Blair called a meeting of his closest advisors, including intelligence experts of the DISC from Chicksands, spin doctors, military people, Sir David Omand, one of his closest cronies and a sort of "eminence grise", and especially the disinformation experts of 'Legoland', at Checkers in February, shortly after Downing Street had received and analyzed a draft of the ICRC report.

At that meeting a plan was developed and ordered set in motion to blunt the effects of any of the expected reports, perhaps even destroy the credibility of the reporting entities.

The plan involved the killing of two birds with one stone, the second bird being the troublesome Daily Mirror.

The plan, which deserves inclusion in a textbook of disinformation for its brilliance and thoroughness was the brain-child of Blair supporter John Scarlett, who was rewarded by the PM with the Directorship of MI-6 just weeks ago.

According to a source inside the SIS who desires to remain anonymous, the plan involved detaching several men from Fort Monckton (The MI-6 secret training facility) to a special unit ostensibly a part of the Royal Lancashire Regiment, that had been serving in southern Iraq.

Another element of the plan involved the manufacture of photos showing soldiers of the regiment who could not be identified, carrying out acts of a cruel and inhuman nature on so-called Iraqui prisoners who were shown hooded. The photographs each bore elements which could prove, by forensic techniques, that they were fakes.

Once these photos were completed, the Moncktoners saw to it that some were spread around among British troop units in Iraq. At the same time, a number of the Moncktoners approached the Daily Mirror with allegations of atrocities in Iraq.

The Daily Mirror showed great interest in the story but would not run it without "smoking guns."

It was time for the pictures to appear. The rest of the story developed according to plan.

Blair is safe, for the time being and the ICRC and Danish reports can disappear from the front pages in favor of the news of Beckham, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

The British Lion can roar once more, for the time being.

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