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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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Stanley Hilton Sues Bush Cabal for 9-11 Conspiracy  (continued)

Stanley Hilton Sues Bush Cabal for 9-11 Conspiracy

Another claim that Hilton made was that Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA.

Hilton has deposed many people and has gathered documentary evidence, as well as witnesses' sworn statements from FBI agents, FBI informants, officials in the Pentagon and in the U.S. Military, and U.S. Airforce. This evidence states that there were many drills and dress rehearsals for 9/11 before it actually took place.

He claims to have incriminating documents showing the Bush personally signed the orders for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

He stated that he has interviewed individuals of NORAD and the Airforce about the "5 Tripod Drills" that were taking place that morning, one of which, had as it's scenario, "planes crashing into the World Trade Center, and into the Pentagon"! [This was way better than a potentially incriminating Stand Down order.] He also stated that Dick Cheney was personally leading these Tripod drills from a situation control room the morning of 9/11.

Out of the members of the military that had been ordered to take part, most thought that the actual events of 9/11 were just part of these Tripod Drills when in fact they had been no drill at all but were very real.

Hilton allegedly has a National Security Council Document clearly indicating the "Go Ahead", "This in NO Drill" order. He also believes that the 19 hijackers were set up as a "Decoy Operation".

Alex Jones chimed in at this point to state that the Mainstream Media is all owned by the same military industrial complex that was behind the attacks.

Increasingly, witnesses have stated that they will come forward and testify but only under subpeona due to official gag orders which they are currently bound by.

Hilton believes that the "Patriot Act I, and II" were designed to prevent the kind of political dissent over the governments complicity in these events that the very lawsuit of Hilton represents. The term "Terrorist" is now being over-broadened as evidenced by, what happened to the protesters in New York City during the RNC.

The Neo-Con's plans are to continue to launch more "terrorist" attacks as needed in order to further their plans, and more than that, to put up a smoke-screen to hide all that's already coming to light about their complicity in these events.

Next will come "forced Psychological Assessments, and forced drugging."

Hilton stated that Bush and the Neo-Cons are a "Clear and Present Danger", to us all, through the Patriot Act and through the threats to those who would speak out which have already been made and which will be made in the future as more people come forward to testify.

Alex Jones then stated that, we must recognize this evil for the sake of all of our freedoms. If we don't make a stand, they will have their way with us. "Heaven help us", he said.

Originally published

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